Video: Damaging impact of Casino Measure 75

Great short speech from the Oregon Executive Club featuring EcoNorthwest economist Bob Whelan talking about the Oregon casino measure – Ballot Measure 75. Whelan describes the economic impact of ballot Measure 75 and how it would effect Oregon and Oregon small business.

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  • Ricky

    I don’t see why these namby-pamdy types are so afraid of a little gambling. I do it all the time at the video poker store with my welfare check.
    It is really fun and sometimes I win big – like 100 bucks or something – and then I really celebrate.
    If we had a casino instead of some stupid dirt bag bar at least we could gamble and get free drinks.

    • Francis

      Ricky my friend thank you for your contribution to this discussion. Your comments have caused me to look more closely at M-75 and what it will mean for the communities of East Multnomah County. Here are a few of my thoughts on your comments.

      First, while the drinks may be free to you and a good thing– for those of us living in Fairview, Troutdale, Wood Village, and Gresham perhaps not so much. Although you are probably quite responsible in your consumption of adult beverages there are many who are not and may pose a serious hazard to our communities–should the free whiskey flow as you envision!

      Second, I’m not going to tell you how to spend your income or how to celebrate winning it big– but for as much work that it takes to fill out the forms to get your check–don’t you think there are better ways squander your money than gambling?

      Third, I must take issue with your comment classifying the local businesses that feature the Oregon Lottery as “dirt bag”–I think you’re being much too harsh in your critique of these establishments. I have found them to be well run businesses offering a choice of entertainment, dining, and drinking venues. If the quality of your local watering hole just isn’t quite right for your taste–may I suggest to that you enhance your life and try some nicer places.

      Finally, Ricky I would ask that you reconsider your position on this measure. I do not know you but you seem like a person who understands the value of a free ride. I’m certain you understand that someone will be picking up the fare. The price that will ultimately be paid by our community will be the quality of life in East Multnomah County.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my reply and if you are persuaded to Vote NO on 75 let a few of your friends know that the CASINO IS A BAD IDEA because not only does it not pencil out but its really going to wreck our community.

      • “”

        Francis, the anti-competition Grand Ronde Tribe thanks you, the Cowlitz Tribe with a mega casino design for La Center, WA thanks you, the Warm Springs Tribe hopes their Cascade Locks venue can proceed with unimpeded without a Wood Village uprising – and, the city of Potland, always on the lookout for opportunities to shoot themselves in the foot, e.g., not exploiting a casino in the Rose Quarter, remain with their civic heads tucked up their mayor’s analitical thrusting for other intern al ways and means of screwing (over) constituents.

        • Francis

          The thanks you have shared on behalf of the tribes is most welcome but really not necessary. So what is your point? Is it Casino ENVY or what? Freud never really addressed this subject this but I guess anything is possible.

          East county does need economic development but the Casino just isn’t the right project. Placing the “MEGA-CINO” in our back yard will become a liability to our residential communities.

          So really what is the vision beyond the Casino? What is the larger plan for our community? HMM?

          Have a good day.

  • Reper

    Fear the Orange monkey!

  • Anonymous

    This measure does not open up the process for any group to build a casino.
    It only allows this one casino, which would be the only non reservation casino.

    It just builds a new monopoly in the Oregon casino business

  • Nevada John

    The simple FACT that this guy works for EcoNorthwest speaks volumes about how much this guy has his head firmly planted in some bureaucrat’s rear. These are the same dirtbags that want everyone to somehow believe that streetcars and light raill are an “economic engine” for the Portland area.
    The simple reality is that outside of payroll taxes NONE of these Indian Casinos contribute much of anything to state tax rolls. They are simply getting a FREE RIDE. Also, the bureaucrats at the Oregon Lottery – you know the one that was first established for education; but now funds anything the Legislature can dream up – are scarred witless about an actual Casino that pays taxes – because they already KNOW that it will suck millions out of the Lottery. After all, why play the Lottery, where the odds of winning are horrible; when you can play a slot machine that at least gives you a 50% shot at winning?

  • Scatcat

    I am leaning to vote yes in protest against at state run lottery system. Why is it only legal for the state to run a gambling racket

  • kingston

    and tribes

  • francis

    Here’s an interesting tidbit:

    The companies involved in the Wood Village deal, Clairvest and Navigante,
    were also working together in NY to get the license for the first private
    casino there. The process was so fraught with corruption and scandal that
    the Attorney General there got involved. The report just came out and there
    was a story in the New York Times today.

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