Cornilles video highlights Wu’s most odd moments

Rob Cornilles video highlights David Wu’s most odd moments
BY Rob Cornilles for Congress,

Today the Cornilles for Congress campaign announced the release of a web video about the real Congressman David Wu entitled, “Wu’s Follies.” The 89-second video is a compilation of actual footage of David Wu addressing the following topics: Klingons, clout, tax hikes, reading legislation, and immigration.

“If it weren’t so humorous, it would be downright scandalous. This snapshot shows how poorly represented Oregon’s First Congressional district has been. David Wu makes more news about Klingons and not reading legislation than he does about helping the economy and creating jobs,” said Brock Lowrance, spokesperson for the Cornilles campaign. “At a time when Oregonians need jobs, the best David Wu can offer is that he doesn’t read bills and doesn’t think $1,400 is a significant tax hike for the middle class. Oregonians deserve better.”
The video can be seen at:

Text of “Wu’s Follies:”
Wu: There are Klingons in the White House, but unlike the real Klingons of Star Trek, these Klingons have never fought a battle of their own.
Reporter: Are you satisfied with where you are as far as clout in Congress?
Wu: I am working very, very hard to improve that.
Reporter: It would feel like a tax hike?
Wu: This is a $1400 difference to middle class individuals, and I don’t think this is something that middle class individuals would view as a significant tax hike on their income.
Voter: … If you would commit to reading the health care bill before you vote on it?
Wu: What I am committed to doing is to follow my conscience.
Wu: To, uhh, have individuals get to the back of the line, to pay back taxes, uhh, to pay a fee, a penalty, uhh, and, um, and then, uhh, to, to uhh, uhh, to, to, uhh …”
Reporter: Go through the process?
Wu: Yes, exactly