Full page ad starts debate on spending reform


By Jason Williams,
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

A full page ad in the state’s largest newspaper ran in the Sunday Oregonian this week (click photo for larger view).   It was placed by Brighter Oregon, a  broad  statewide coalition of Oregon consumers, taxpayers, small and large businesses, associations and organizations who have come together to support the Oregon Business Plan framework for addressing the state budget’s structural deficit.

The Brighter Oregon ad lays out these facts:

Fact #1: State revenue has increased nearly 40% since 2001, providing the most revenue the state has ever had.

Fact #2: Despite this huge increase in revenue, Oregon faces a $1.4 billion deficit.

Fact #3: A major contributor to Oregon’s deficit is the dramatic increase in government employee compensation costs,including pensions and health care expenses.

It makes the call to action by stating “Let’s control runaway state spending, so we can invest in better outcomes for Oregon” and then encourages peopel to visit their website to enlist at Brighter Oregon

Brighter Oregon ad also cites these media quotes:

“Halting the constant increase in employee compensation costs is key to solving the budget problem….he state must rein in benefit costs before it asks for more revenue” — Medford Mail Tribune April 30, 2017


“It’s up to everyone involved to set aside their differences and work together on fixing the state’s financial structure in ways that will ensure stable funding for essential government services for many years to come.” Eugene Register Guard May 3, 2017

For more info go to Brighter Oregon