Cornilles airs second TV ad: Wu on tax increases

Rob Cornilles Releases Television Ad “Significant” on David Wu

By Rob Cornilles Campaign

Rob Cornilles, candidate for Oregon’s First Congressional District, has released his second television ad of the 2010 General Election. “Significant” highlights David Wu’s recent statement regarding tax-hikes on the middle-class. “It’s bad enough that David Wu joined his colleagues as they decided to skip town and recess as the clock on an upcoming tax increase keeps ticking,” said Brock Lowrance, spokesperson for Cornilles for Congress. “But what’s shameful is that he sees a $1400 tax increase on the middle-class as insignificant. That’s not just shameful, that’s out of touch.”

The television ad began airing on October 19.

You can view the ad here:

Transcript of “Significant”:

Rob Cornilles: I’m Rob Cornilles and I approve this message.

Voiceover: Congress has a New Year’s surprise planned: one of the largest tax increases in history. Here’s David Wu.

David Wu: This is a $1400 difference to middle class individuals, and I don’t think that this is something that middle class individuals would view as a significant tax hike on their income.

Voiceover: Really? David Wu thinks raising taxes $1400 on the middle-class is insignificant? During a recession? David Wu, that’s the problem.


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