Obama Counter Rally: See videos and pics here

Americans for Prosperity Oregon chapter helped to rally Oregonians to protest President Obama’s Portland visit. As you can see in the photo the protest line stretched several blocks.

See two news video of the Obama Portland protest rally below.

Picture of radio host Hon. Jeff Kropf speaking to Americans for Prosperity crowd across from where Obama spoke

Picture: Tax activist Matt Evans, plus photos of proud and patriotic sign wavers

  • valley p

    Yep…I was there. The “protest line,” about 1/2 tea party/AFP and half anti war, had maybe 100-200 people. The line trying to get in to see Obama stretched all the way around the Convention center. It was quite a show. We 10,000 were perplexed at being called Marxists by the shouting old people across the street, most of whom looked like they were on Medicare and SSI. Strange world.

    • Jeff Kropf

      You must have been at a different rally, because I led the AFP protest at the Convention center and there were exactly 15 “war protestors” and well over 100 AFP. Doesnt surprise me though that you consider it strange that older people who have figured out that going socialist “broke” isnt a good idea. Did you see the story yesterday about UK cutting 500,000 govt jobs? Socialist success? They are broke and we will be soon if people like you continue to believe in the fantasy of socialism.

      • Reper

        Seems like a good turn out on both sides. I am humored by the button sellers. Where do they come from?

        • Bono

          Button sellers are like groupies for politicans

      • valley p

        No, I think we were at the same one. There were several groups of anti war and anti some other stuff protesters from the left. If you want to claim you had 100 people, fine, that seems about right.

        How many of them are on SSI and Medicare Jeff? When they urge politicians to cut the budget, does that include their entitlements or is it the other guy’s entitlements?

        I look at it this way. The crowd of 10,000 I was in was mostly younger than me (I’m 57). The crowd you were in looked mostly older than me. So you do the math and figure where the country is headed. Old people calling for cutting the budget of young people does not have much of a future.

        As for Britain. The Tories and Social Democrat coalition decided to cut the deficit, and to their credit they ran on that and are following through. And they are cutting everything and everyone, from health care through the military. And they have not cut anyone’s taxes. They are serious about deficit reduction. When your Tea Party/Republican side steps up and runs on that platform you will earn my respect if not my vote. Until then you are angry old guys full of hot air and slogans and nothing else.

      • Anonymous


        • Kingston

          Let us not relive this debate.

  • John Fairplay

    What’s amazing is the tremendous amount of trash the Democrats left on the sidewalks outside the Convention Center. You can see it in a couple of the video shots, but it was literally stretched all the way around the CC. Unbelievable slobs.

    1/7 the turnout of the last time the President was here. Testament to his plummeting approval numbers.

    • valley p

      “What’s amazing is the tremendous amount of trash the Democrats left on the sidewalks outside the Convention Center. ”

      So you are saying we liberals are litterbugs? What next? Did you also notice all the wimpy liberal men with black eyes, obviously abused by their domestic partners?

      “1/7 the turnout of the last time the President was here. Testament to his plummeting approval numbers.

      Yes of course. He was elected with 53% of the vote, so by your math his approval rating must now be around 7.5%.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    The fact that Obama has to even come out here to campaign for any Democrat is pretty telling. Still, Oregon is about the only place this guy can show his face and not sink the Democratic candidate.

    I love the idea of having to get Democrats all fired up about putting a guy back in office who did a pretty lackluster job the first time around. Government employee unions want your money and Kitzhaber is the guy who will deliver it to them so they can’t be blamed for supporting him.

  • surefoot

    Rupert; brush your teeth and get to bed, it’s past 8:00 PM

  • surefoot

    I have met a few Tea Party members, and believe me 85% of them ARE protesting themselves but are too naive to realize it.

    • kingston

      Can you explain this?

      • let me guess

        They are on the dole (SSI and Medicare) and protesting against big gubmint?