Poll: Bruun blazes 10 points over Schrader!

Poll: Bruun blazes 10 points over Schrader!

A Survey USA poll has Congressional Candidate Scott Bruun 10% above incumbent Kurt Schrader. This is the best the biggest spread for the candidates Scott Bruun and Kurt Schrader. This also follows another poll out this week that had Scott Bruun 4% over Kurt Schrader.

Survey USA Poll
Scott Bruun 51%
Kurt Schrader 41%
Chris Lugo 2%
Undecided 6%
The Survey USA conducted their Schrader-Bruun poll between 10/17/10 through 10/19/10. The Bruun-Schrader survey stated, “Another Possible Republican Take-Away in Oregon’s 5th Congressional District; Incumbent Schrader Trails in Bid For 2nd Term: In an election for US House of Representatives in Oregon’s 5th Congressional District today, 10/20/10, Republican challenger Scott Bruun edges Democratic incumbent Kurt Schrader 51% to 41%, according to an exclusive KATU-TV poll conducted by SurveyUSA. ”

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  • John Fairplay

    I shiver with anticipation of the “SurveyUSA leans Republican” and “this poll is an outlier” posts to come from Schrader clones/apologists.

  • K.J. Hinton

    Ehhhhh…. hard to believe. I can see Bruun up by a few points… but 10? Grain of salt time.

    And, BTW, it’s not IMPOSSIBLE for this to be an outlier. I’m taking a wait and see approach before I pop the bubbly.

  • Don

    That is a screwy sample, Republicans are over-represented and not even just over-represented, WAY over.

    • Anonymous

      You should see some of PPP’s, Gallup’s, and Quinnipiac’s polls, then.

      Reduce the number by 3, and you got the accurate number. Or just go with Rasmussen.

  • Bob Tiernan

    This is good news. Like I’ve said before. for his support of ObamaCare alone Schrader needs to be removed. OboCare (unless repealed) promises to be a bureaucratic and hugely expensive nightmare that will effect the lives of everyone save for a privileged few, as well as grow until it becomes a single payer nightmare. And Schrader went along with, without reading it, in a strictly partisan vote. He’s so unsure of OboCare’s groundbreaking importance that in both his primary and his general election Voters Pamphlet Statement he didn’t even mention it.

    It takes a real lamebrain to get booted from Dict 5 after only one term.

    Bob Tiernan
    NE Portland

  • Harry

    Where is Valley Peeeee?


    The retired Professor?

    The UO Prof?

    The UO Student?

    All the lefties have left the building…. lol

  • valley p

    Its a divided district in a throw out the bums year. Scott Bruun is a moderate Republican who actually believes global warming is real, and Shrader has not been in office long enough to build a defensive moat around his position. So sure…Bruun could win. Ebb and flow.

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