Mayor Wheeler Cancels Free Speech – Oregon GOP Responds

Wilsonville, OR– The Oregon Republican Party issued the following statement from Chairman Bill Currier in reaction to Portland Mayor Wheeler’s attempt to ban political demonstrations whose message he doesn’t favor, as well as other statements and events this past weekend.

“We do not want to see violence of any kind in Portland – by anyone – against anyone,” stated Oregon GOP Chairman Bill Currier. “What we do want to see is peaceful free speech and free expression of ideas and opinions, which it is the job of government to protect. We call on Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to get busy doing so.”

On Monday May 30th, Mayor Ted Wheeler stated he had blocked the permit for a Free Speech rally by supporters of Donald Trump and other upcoming rallies because the Mayor condemns their political opinions. In addition, he is seeking to rescind a permit on federal property where the June 4th Free Speech rally is scheduled to take place.

“It appears Mayor Wheeler has decided he has the authority to cancel Freedom of Speech in Portland when it suits him,” said Currier. “It is a blatant violation of the free speech provisions of both the Oregon and U.S. Constitutions, a violation of equal protection under the 14th Amendment, and a betrayal of his sworn duty as a public official in the state of Oregon.”

At the end of April Wheeler allowed permits to the Alt-Left “Portland Resistance” protest groups that he knew included violent elements that would, and did, riot during the traditional May Day Socialist-Communist Celebration. These groups enjoyed full police protection while protesters spray painted “Kill Cops” all over the city.

Just days earlier, members of these same violent activist groups issued threats against the 82nd Avenue Parade of Roses for including the local county Republican Party – threats which led to the parade’s cancellation. The justification used by these groups on Facebook was that the opinions of those that they disagree with amount to “hate speech” and that they have the right to prevent people from hearing it.

“So the question becomes, what is the difference between Mayor Wheeler’s justification for trying to block the free speech he deems objectionable, and the justifications stated by Antifa and other domestic terrorist groups in threatening, and using, violence to shut down kids’parades and terrorize political opponents?”

“Based on Mayor Wheeler’s actions and statements, he allows and even supports demonstrations by those whose message he favors, and doesn’t permit, and even seeks to block, demonstrations by those he doesn’t,” added Currier. “Freedom of speech and freedom from violence are supposed to be for everyone.”

The Oregon Republican Party is the state’s arm of the Republican National Committee.