Gallup Chart: Average presidential approval rating

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  • a retired professor

    Obviously far too soon to count Obama out!

  • anon

    After careful examination I have definitively concluded that these statistics prove nothing.

  • valley p

    Both Bushes were doing real well after their first 2 years. After that not so good. Reagan and Clinton were doing real bad. After that real good. So Obama is in pretty good company. The tea party should postpone their celebrations.

  • Founding Fathers

    Wait a minute, I thought conservatives say that polls don’t matter.

    • “”

      Suggest you go back to fondling yourself, Founding Fathers.
      Either that, or pouring your your posts over on Blue Kool-Aid Oregon where their bedazzle-berry flavors are slaked by their mentality challenged minions.

  • Founding Fathers

    Ah, “”, I see your mind matches your user name: Blank.

    Why don’t you actually address the point I made, that conservatives were, just a few years ago, when Bush’s poll numbers were in the toilet (and much, much lower than Obama’s), that poll numbers don’t matter.

    I guess they only matter when it’s convenient for them

    Of course, it wasn’t that long ago that to conservatives “deficits don’t matter.” Apparently they don’t matter when they’re in charge, but they are a HUGE PROBLEM when the other side is in charge.

    • John Fairplay

      Thank you for your posts. Can you please now point out in this thread where anyone – conservative or otherwise – has written that “polls matter?” TYIA

      • Founding Fathers


        It’s implied in the post. If they don’t matter, what’s the point of posting them?

  • Selah

    Important for all, including Founding Fathers, to take into commiseration.

  • jonn1


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