Campaign ad sample: Bob Stacey, Measure 26-108 and 26-118

Campaign ad sample: Bob Stacey, Measure 26-108 and 26-118
By NW Spotlight,

See below for three samples of campaign postcards filling voter’s mail boxes in the Portland area. The ads are for Metro race Bob Stacey, Tom Hughes, Measure 26-118 for Oregon Historical Society and Measure 26-108 the taxpayer funding of candidate elections (otherwise known as voter owned elections).

Mailing #1 . Yes on 26-108:
This mailing is in defense of taxpayer funding of candidates. It makes the case that people are spending less on campaigns and that is why taxpayer funding of political campaigns is a success. (Maybe people are spending less on candidates in Portland because of a recession? disliking candidates? or maybe it is because Portland has sucked all the money from people’s wallets to pay for taxpayer funding of campaigns?)

Mailing #2 . Bob Stacey vs. Tom Hughes

This Stacey vs. Hughes mailing attempts to show the reader a clear difference between the candidates for Metro — Bob Stacey and Tom Hughes. The choice is between never ending pastures of paradise and evil houses! I notice that Bob Stacey says in this mailing that “Bob Stacey create jobs” next to the picture of the remote barn. If no one is allowed to build a home or a business how will exactly Bob Stacey create jobs?

Mailing #3 . Measure 26-118. Tax levy for Oregon Historical Society

This mailing has strong words in the measure to increase tax funding to pay for the Oregon Historical Society. As you can see in the photo the potent statements that used are “Their doors will close” and an even more frightening ending statement that reads “…when you lose your history, you lose your future.” I suppose the threat of the end of time is a good dramatic negative political consequence if I have ever heard of one.