Lars Larson: Susan Sokol Blosser illegal worker backlash

Susan Sokol Blosser ilegal worker backlash
Lars Larson Morning commentary,

Susan Sokol Blosser, a candidate for Oregon’s House of Representatives, wants the courts to silence her republican opponent Jim Weidner. Her lawyer, Greg Kafoury, threatens a libel lawsuit against Jim Weidner for saying that Sokol Blosser hired illegal aliens and did it under the table. Well let’s consider what Ms Sokol Blosser wrote on page 66 of her book about the wine business

Susan Sokol Blosser quote:

“…we were lucky to have (Mexican farm workers). …most of the workers entered the country illegally… The whole situation existed under the table. Everyone knew about it; nobody talked about it.”

Sokol Blosser admits in print and in her own hand that she hired illegal workers under the table.

Now she drops a lawsuit threat less than a week before an election where she is struggling, asking the Oregon Courts to silence her opponent.

Is that really the kind of person you want writing the laws of the state of Oregon. Her family has become wealthy on the backs of illegal workers and at the expense of working folks in Oregon. There, I said it. So Susan, you gonna sue me too?