Chris Dudley new video: Focus on positive, hopeful message

Chris Dudley new video: Focus on positive, hopeful message

Oregon Governor candidate Chris Dudley who is running against John Kitzhaber has issued a new video that is a breath of fresh air when compared to all the negative ads by all the other campaigns. The Chris Dudley ad is positive, hopeful and speaks about a time for Oregon to be “great again”.

The ad also mentions that Chris Dudley wants to govern from a moderate bi-partisan approach. This is a fascinating statement by Dudley because Kitzhaber cannot respond the same way. Kitzhaber’s tenure as governor was very partisan and it is where he earned the reputation of Doctor for his record number of vetoes. Those Kitzhaber vetoes were a long time ago, and the rise of independent voters has shown that the public is growing more hostile to partisan divides. Chris Dudley is wise to focus on this message because it fits the times and it puts Kitzhaber at a disadvantage.

As we speak several polls are putting the Dudley-Kitzhaber race very close. The closeness of the Dudley-Kitzhaber race is all the more reason why voters should not take a pass on this election.

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