Clip from Scott Bruun – Kurt Schrdaer TV Congressional debate

Clip from Bruun – Schrdaer TV debate, plus news.

Clip from Scott BruunKurt Schrdaer TV debate.

Below are three news items from the Kurt Schrader – Scott Bruun Congressional race:
1) The Hotline
The Hotline named Oregon’s Fifth as one of the House seats most likely to switch party control this cycle:
“With just one week to go, Republicans continue to hold the momentum in our Top 80 list. As you can tell by our expanded list, the playing field continues to expand, and Republicans are definitely the beneficiaries…. Oregon-05 Kurt Schrader (D) (–) A recent GOP poll showed state Rep. Scott Bruun (R) with a modest lead, while a SurveyUSA poll gave him a 10-point cushion. Either way, the Republican appears to have the late momentum.”

2) Politico
Politico’s chief White House correspondent Mike Allen asked NRCC Executive Director Guy Harrison about up-and-coming Congressional races that were gaining momentum, and Scott Bruun was the first candidate to come to mind. Here’s what they had to say: Mike Allen: “What’s another up-and-coming Republican, someone who maybe wasn’t really on your radar and has really shined through the campaign?”
Guy Harrison: “You know, I think Scott Bruun out in Oregon has done a fantastic job. Oregon has not been a traditional place for us to advertise– in fact, I think the NRCC has advertised on Portland broadcast more than any other decade between Jaime Hererra’s race and Scott Bruun’s race. I think both of them have a good shot… when you have 90 candidates, it’s hard to pick out your favorite.”

2) Woodburn Independent endorsed Scott Bruun

“Voters in the Willamette Valley have some distinct differences to pick from this election season. In the race for the U.S. Fifth District Congressional seat, you have incumbent Kurt Schrader, who is finishing his first term in Congress, and Scott Bruun, a small business owner from West Linn. The two candidates are as far apart as two can get… Bruun offers a fresh perspective, one that is needed. It has been very apparent over the past two years that the economic package the current administration favors does not work. Bruun wants to see change and not give-away programs that are funded by taxpayers in an economy that is the worst in decades. He doesn’t want to be part of a Congress that wants to spend money we don’t have. Since the American people’s voices aren’t being heard by the incumbent, it’s time he is replaced. Put Scott Bruun in Congress and let’s see what he can do.”

— Notes and quotes from the Scott Bruun for Congress campaign