Kevin Mannix: Election recap, Kitzhaber mandate. Measure 73.

The November 2 Reformation Has Begun
By Kevin Mannix
Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance,

This is my evaluation of the elections. On the national scene, the essence of the message from the voters is: back-off on big government; remember the constitutional role of government; focus on practical solutions as to encouraging economic growth; and get out of the way of the private sector so more jobs can be created. An essential element of all this is that the politicians who took the worst beating got out of touch with their constituents and paid the price. The media has focused on a couple of “Tea Party” Republicans who were unsuccessful. Understand that the Tea Party movement is a new phenomenon. Early on, some candidates with personal foibles may rise to the top only to be undone by elements of their backgrounds. People now have a sense that the Tea Party can, indeed, make a big difference. So, more and more candidates will come forward, who reflect Tea Party principles, but who can also handle the political scene and do not have damaging personal baggage.

On the Oregon side, in the governor’s race voters barely chose experience over a fresh approach. The only mandate for Governor-elect Kitzhaber is to reach across the aisle and to govern for the greater good.This is clearly reflected in the legislative results. Having 30 Republicans and 30 Democrats in the Oregon House of Representatives guarantees that neither party can run rough-shod over the other. It is time for leading members of both parties to form an Oregon coalition to identify consensus solutions to the challenges which confront us.

This includes a need to respect the essential differences between the challenges confronting high-population urban Oregon, as opposed to the challenges confronting lower-population rural Oregon. How about giving each sector some “space” and getting away from one-size-fits-all public policy?

From the Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance perspective, we intend to remind all legislators that the voters may have split their votes as to the governor’s race and the legislative races – but they have again strongly endorsed public safety as a priority for state government. Measure 73 passed with a 57% “yes” vote. It was only barely defeated in 2 of the 36 counties: Multnomah and Benton.

I do not suggest that voters are giving public safety a blank check. However, they clearly are willing to see resources intelligently devoted to protecting our people.

Kevin L. Mannix, President

  • Rupert in Springfiel

    Id agree with this.

    In Oregon the only real surprise here was how close the governors election was. When you have a Democrat win the race in a nail biter and Republicans take away the super majority in the House to tie it up that may not be the kind of success that was seen nationally, but it was pretty good for a state as left as Oregon.

    Republicans could take this opportunity statewide to really make their priorities clear and get out in front on reigning in government.

    If Republicans can be seen as taking the lead on Oregons economic woes that would stand them in good stead. When the contrast is the party that handed out raises to itself, and raised peoples taxes to do so while cutting services, it shouldn’t be too hard.

    • Anon

      Rupert, our Republicans COULD seriously reduce our economic woes if they would stop ignoring the biggest reason for massive local government spending increases & less tax revenue- illegal immigration.

      According to Pew Research, their were at least 175,000 illegals here way back in 2005 (way more than that here now), STEALING Jobs we will do! and not paying Taxes for squat. They are also having FREE babies ($6-$10K p/Birth. Ex.-NV. is @ 1 in 4 & CA. @ 1 in 3 Births are too illegals), getting Food Stamps, over $200 Million p/yr for not passing nclb ESL classes here, Subsidized Housing at one of our 1,200 units in the Willamette Valley for Migrant farmworkers only (YES people that actually have a job get too live cheaper than the rest of us) and over 1,200 in our State Prison @ $40 Mil. p/yr plus 155 in for Murder here at a cost of $155 Mil. to prosecute and tens of thousands here in Headstart.

      Chris Dudley blew off this easy solution to reduce unemployment and reduce entitlement spending big time! His not really “conservative” old dog handlers made him.
      Kevin Mannix during the primary told the Media of the need for a Guestworker program!? Kevin we already have several & issued 1 Million new Green Cards last fiscal (& have every year even during massive unemployment increases) year and
      per Pew Research just last week – from June ’09 – June ’10 – over 650,000 immigrants got a job while 1.2 Million Americans got fired! We need to add over 150,000 Jobs natiowide just too keep up with population growth, which is 80% immigrants, legal and not legal per the Census Bureau, not me.
      F.A.I.R. in Wash. DC, using published Government data, add up a cost of over $700 Million p/yr for Illegals in Oregon.

      How can any “Conservative” continue to ignore this and expect us to do the same and respect their wishes? We don’t. How can any R. help our economic woes here while blowing off one of the top reasons for that? How many more Business corrupted owners are going to keep trying to convince us that this is for Cheap labor and we won’t do those jobs? How much longer will our R’s pander for illegals Votes, when we all know they vote for the guys with all of the free stuff.
      We didn’t buy it when George W Bush was selling it and we still aren’t that stupid.

      But Kevin I do thank you for putting child rapers and drunks in Jail where they belong and that is a disproportinate of illegals doing those crimes, by the way.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        While Im not sure I would agree with you that illegal aliens are our biggest money pit I would agree the problem should be addressed.

        The answer is pretty simple – have the OR Dept. of Revenue check SS numbers on employers tax filings.

        If the SS number is invalid, the employer should be notified, given a chance to correct it if its an error and if not then no deduction of the employee wages.

        Its a pretty simple and cost free solution to the problem as its basically just extra paper work for the government, not actual incarceration of illegals.

        Frankly I think its one plan that would have bipartisan appeal. I dont see Democrats or Republicans exactly taking a stand in support of employers being able to deduct illegal wages.

    • Jim Ray

      Has anyone heard a peep out of the big man, Dave Hunt? The best part of this election in Oregon is thumping that weasel!

  • Bob Clark

    Dudley postscript:
    If the GOP could get a well respected Republican mayor out of Washington county, it probably improves it chances of winning the governorship. Exhibit blue dog democrat Tom Hughes who looks like he’ll squeeze out moss lover Stacey for the Metro presidency. Maybe not a perfect analogy given Hughes had some union backing. But I think this geographic plus might be key.

    It looks like the most pressing state and local issues for conservatives are property rights, TriMet’s finances, state budget deficit, staving off Oregon Health Plan empire building, new tax and fee schemes, and global warming agency intrusions.

    Property rights will probably require initiative actions as Kitzhaber and Wheeler will likely appoint their land issue representatives as those sympathetic to extending government’s “water” management over private property. The House GOP might be able to brow beat land regulatory agencies, but what would really be effective is an initiative to restrict the amount of feet from river government can usurp.

    As for TriMet, I think Greg Walden’s GOP leadership role might be able to take TriMet to task, especially on the Federal government matching funds for the Portland Milwaukee light rail boondoggle. No cost to his constituency, and actually helps his constituency.

    I actually think the state budget deficit might not be that hard to solve: The economy seems to be picking up and an extension of state wage freezes might just right the ship within the next year. The biggest job is to greatly reduce spending increases.

    The Oregon Health plan is going to try to get another separate funding source for growing its empire. It is targeting a soda tax veiled in a fiend concern for obesity and beginning the tax at a low rate. We must fight back to get the camel’s nose from underneath the tent. The House GOP might just do the trick on this one. I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t turn this back.

    Global warming is already in state agency performance criteria. Kitzhaber will only fuel it’s continuance. The GOP House delegation might be able to brow beat the agencies to stall implementation. I am not sure an anti global warming initiativel could overcome the punch drunk blue Multnomah county crowd. Here’s a possible trade: give on the plastic bag ban inexchange for repealing existing global warming law.

    Just some ideas on the upcoming legislative session this January. I hear we should know by mid December whether the state House Dems and GOP adopt a limited agenda, or dissolve into a combative gridlock course.

  • Howard K.

    Side Bar issue: I wonder if Measure 73 will be kick out by the Oregon Supreme Court like all the pother Measures that had two different issue on it ? Maybe this one will get by, but the others never did. Am I wrong ?

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