Oregon AG Files to Dismiss Law Suit: Veterans Group Resonds

AG Files to Dismiss Law Suit- OWVA Resonds
BY Oregon War Veterans Association,

The OWVA has responded to the AG’s motion to dismiss our case against him and the PRL. The newspapers put their requests for our internal and private donor/member information “on hold” last Friday. The AG thinks that since there is no current request pending, that the case should be dismissed. The OWVA has argued that the case is still worth hearing, because (in part) the PRL has not changed, and the requests for the documents could come at any moment.

The move was odd, but not surprising, because the lawsuit challenges the right of the the AG to disclose the documents, and challenges the media’s access to documents that they have had access to for years (albeit illegally, in our argument).

Another reason for taking the requests off of the table and asking the court to dismiss is because if the court decides to dismiss our case, and then the PRL requests resurface, the OWVA will have to file suit again, and may end up with a federal judge that the AG likes better.

It seems like a lot of costly, legal gaming to us.

The Court will probably act on the motion to dismiss in a couple of days, because our actual hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for November 16, 2010- less than a week away.

The OWVA’s position has not changed: Our Constitutional Rights are at risk of being violated, and we will fight to keep them in tact.
More later….