• Rupert in Springfield

    Good trailer and good movie however from what I can see it appears to cover a lot of ground that may have been covered already.

    I think the public has some awareness that whether your are an AGW believer or not, either side can produce a seemingly endless number of scientists to support the view.

    In other words skepticism about AGW from the point of view of credibility of the theory is the area where people already have the most concern. Reinforcing it is good, but I am not sure it is the area that needs attention the most.

    What I would hope to see addressed, and maybe it is in the movie, is the motivations for concocting the AGW theory. People have more of a tendency to understand they are being lied to when the motivation for the lie is demonstrated to them.

    As an example I would cite Al Gore. His motivations became quite clear when it was reveled that he behaved in no way commensurate with someone who someone who thought the AGW theory was true. He now has so little credibility that AGW believers now bristle when his name is brought up and act like it is wholly illogical to bring up the main proponent of the theory, who was once their darling.

    If the true financial motivations could be shown in the same way they were with Al Gore the theory itself would likely suffer the same fate as he. Who is getting rich. How is pitting one neighbor against another, such as with Pacific Powers solar buy back program, making some rich at the expense of another?

    One thing I did like that appears to be done in the movie is the relative futility of some of the feel good efforts. The Prius example is astonishing. The fact that basically doubling our gas mileage (round numbers please, CAFE standards are basically around 25mpg, the Prius gets 50, no I dont care if you find CAFE standards are 22 or 27 and the Prius gets 40mrg) on every single care would result in lowering our CO2 by next to nothing compared to what AGW believers say is required puts a lot of things in perspective. Sure most of us knew the fluorescent light bulb scam was simply a way to shift jobs to China, but I think most of us believed as dramatic a reduction as the Prius example represents would have far more effect. This is another good take on the entire argument, and one some pretty famous people make. Its nice to see it here.

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  • EddahiHysoka

    I don’t think that the video is still available !

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