Republicans press for re-count in District 3

Recount to Move Forward, 320 Missing Ballots Raise Questions
By Oregon Republican Party

Tigard, Ore. – The Oregon Republican Party today requested a recount in Senate District 3, in southern Oregon. Senator Ted Ferrioli filed the recount paperwork in his role as an ORP Executive Committee member. “The fact that no one can account for all of the ballots cast in Senate District 3 is very troubling,” ORP Executive Committee member and Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli said today. “The outcome of this race is critical to all Oregonians and we will fight to make sure the election is decided fairly.”
“The Oregon Republican Party will dedicate every possible resource to this senate recount,” said ORP Chairman Bob Tiernan. “We will ensure that votes are counted properly. Oregon voters deserve to know why over 300 of the submitted ballots were never counted in this race. The results of this recount will have a huge impact not only on the upcoming legislative session, but on redistricting in 2011.”
There is a discrepancy of 320 votes which are missing from the Oregon Central Voter Registration system (OCVR), but do not show up in the Jackson County Elections records. The Senate District 3 race results were greater than the two-tenths of one percent which would trigger an automatic, state-paid recount.

“The Oregon Republican Party makes the conduct of fair, transparent, and accurate elections a top priority and will work closely with the Jackson County Republican Party and the Senate Republican Caucus to assure that all of the votes in Senate District 3 are counted correctly,” Tiernan concluded.