Poll: Walden, Oregon’s most admired elected official

By Oregon Taxpayers Association PAC

A straw poll of over 180 Oregon taxpayer activists were asked which of Oregon’s currently serving elected official they admire most. Overwhelming they chose U.S. Representative Greg Walden. Walden is Oregon’s lone Republican in Congress. As a seven-term lawmaker from Hood River he has seen many leadership changes. He not only holds the admiration of Oregonians, but he maintains the respect of his peers in Washington as well. After this fall’s Republican victory he was selected by Speaker-elect John Boehner to spearhead the GOP’s transition to power in January.
“My mantra is, it’s the people’s House; it’s the public’s business and it’s the taxpayers’ money. And too often they’ve all been shut out of the process,” Walden said. “Decisions have been made by a handful of people at the top, and the rank and file members don’t even have much to say about it.”

Even political and ideological opposites, such as Rep. Earl Blumenauer of liberal Portland, say Walden brings a refreshing view to his job. “Walden has “the experience and skill set… to set the table,” Blumenauer said. “The question is whether Boehner and other Republican leaders follow through.” (Oregonian 11/23/10)