Democrat Trio Oppose Troop Surge. Requests Withdrawl

Press release from Rep. Paul Holvey, Rep. Chip Shields, and Rep. Diane Rosenbaum,January 31, 2007

Reps. Holvey, Shields, Rosenbaum Announce Resolution Opposing Troop Escalation and Calling for Prompt, Safe Return of Troops From Iraq

SALEM””Representatives Holvey (D-Eugene), Shields (D-Portland) and Rosenbaum (DPortland) announced Wednesday morning plans to submit a House Resolution Opposing President Bush’s proposed troop escalation and calling for prompt, safe return of troops from Iraq.

The Oregon Homeward Bound Act is a non-partisan, non-recriminating call to bring our troops home safely. It urges Congress to oppose the President’s new escalation plan in Iraq and to develop an exit strategy to systematically plan for redeployment and to begin that redeployment no later than August of 2007.

“It’s time to put aside any kind of differences we may have had in the run-up to the war and stand up for our troops and their families,” said Shields. “This is not a partisan issue. We’ll be working across the aisle with our Republican colleagues to make a collective call to Congress to bring our troops home.”

Rep. Holvey, whose son Justin served in Iraq, told reporters, “This administration has betrayed the loyalty and patriotism of our troops by putting them in a civil war on false pretenses with no clear achievable mission to accomplish. Our troops, who are our neighbors, friends and family members, have sacrificed so much for our country. We owe them a great debt. We should endeavor to bring our troops home as soon as safely possible.”

Oregon soldiers and their families have been hit particularly hard by the war in Iraq. Eighty soldiers with ties to Oregon have been killed in action in the Middle East. Any increase in troops could ultimately impact Oregon’s National Guard troops here at home who have already served and the length of deployment for those currently serving overseas. Already, hundreds of thousands of National Guard troops have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving states like Oregon with fewer resources — soldiers and equipment — to respond to domestic emergencies.

“We are already paying a steep price””in dollars and in lives””for this war,” said Rosenbaum. “We’re sending a clear message to the President and Congress to change the course in Iraq.”

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  • Oregon surrender monkeys.

  • nme

    It would be interesting to hear Rep. Holvey’s son who is serving in Iraq, to hear his comments. The view from there has got to be very different.

  • Jerry

    Too bad that these fools don’t know their resolution will not make ANY difference to anyone in the world. NONE whatsoever.
    What pathetic losers!
    What we need to do is finish the job we started and kill the enemy. That is what war is.
    Then we can come home.

  • Chris McMullen

    It doesn’t surprise me these morons don’t care what happens to the Iraqi populace if we pull out. They didn’t care about Vietnam and Cambodia either and 3 million people were slaughtered.

    • Jamie Jackson

      When it becomes clear, as it has, that the feds are not engaged in sound decision-making in matters affecting the very *lives* of Oregonians, it is quite appropriate for the state to weigh in. Obviously, this is an issue about which people disagree. However, to (rhetorically) spit on the legislators who make their discontent known on the basis that they have no standing to speak is uncalled for.

      While most ostensibly “conservative” talking heads have been virtually unanimous in their rhetorical support for views such as those expressed by all of you who replied to this before I did, true American conservatism would never have invaded Iraq in the first place. In fact, on the night before the invasion in 2003, the Washington County GOP took a vote on a resolution to express support for the president and the troops; I cast the lone “no” vote on the simple basis that an undeclared war is not constitutional. As the mess has drawn on and gotten increasingly ugly, I’ve become correspondingly increasingly satisfied that my vote was even more sound than I knew then.

      We are cursed to live in interesting times. This Iraq war makes that clear, to any who put aside the partisan blinders and look into it objectively. Name-calling and bitterness aren’t going to improve things in Iraq, and they aren’t going to persuade anyone you’re right. All of you are stuck in a mental dead end (on this issue) with nothing but your emotions to keep you company. Your echo chamber is shrinking. You’ve been duped, for the benefit of liars and profiteers, and nothing you do or say, no matter how angry you get, will change that. If you want to change the minds of those of us who see the Iraq war as an unjust war which is causing more problems than it’s solving, you’ll need to change the situation in Iraq. That, not stupidity or lack of patriotism, is what’s driving the “surrender monkeys” — at least, this one, and many of my friends.

      On the sloganeering front, there are endless platitudes which can be deployed to bolster either side of the issue; I’ll offer just one for mine: don’t throw good money (and lives!) after bad.

      OK, that’ll do, I guess. Battening hatches, preparing for incoming salvo… 😉

  • Steven Plunk

    It is a useless waste of time for state legislators to inject themselves into the business of our national government. There is plenty of Oregon business to take care of without armchair quaterbacking the conflict in Iraq.

    Make no mistake this is armchair quarterbacking and it’s being done by people who are privy to the information necessary to make a sound judgement. It’s like me telling Bill Gates how to run his company when I haven’t even seen the financial statements or attended a board meeting. At least with a minimal amount of knowledge I could offer a unique point of view, these people have nothing to offer.

    This is another example of just how unserious the business of legislating has become in Salem. I thought it had reached the bottom years ago with the introduction of a bill outlawing disposable diapers but am now proven wrong.

    We elect our representative to do state business and to also do business that actually matters. This resolution would accomplish nothing but to waste time that could be used for something productive.

    The debate about the war should take place elsewhere. In the meantime I would hope these self important politicos would get to the business they were elected to take care of instead of doing things to be popular at cocktail parties.

    • Jamie Jackson

      Oops, my reply above was supposed to be to you; this is my first time here and I clicked the wrong link.

  • Steven Plunk

    In my haste to expose the idiocy of certain legislators I mistakenly left out the word not, as in “people who are not privy to the information necessary”. Apologies.

  • Tim Lyman

    Larry, Curly and Moe.

  • Slevin

    Has anyone bothered to ask what the troops think?

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