Democrat Trio Oppose Troop Surge. Requests Withdrawl

Press release from Rep. Paul Holvey, Rep. Chip Shields, and Rep. Diane Rosenbaum,January 31, 2007

Reps. Holvey, Shields, Rosenbaum Announce Resolution Opposing Troop Escalation and Calling for Prompt, Safe Return of Troops From Iraq

SALEM””Representatives Holvey (D-Eugene), Shields (D-Portland) and Rosenbaum (DPortland) announced Wednesday morning plans to submit a House Resolution Opposing President Bush’s proposed troop escalation and calling for prompt, safe return of troops from Iraq.

The Oregon Homeward Bound Act is a non-partisan, non-recriminating call to bring our troops home safely. It urges Congress to oppose the President’s new escalation plan in Iraq and to develop an exit strategy to systematically plan for redeployment and to begin that redeployment no later than August of 2007.

“It’s time to put aside any kind of differences we may have had in the run-up to the war and stand up for our troops and their families,” said Shields. “This is not a partisan issue. We’ll be working across the aisle with our Republican colleagues to make a collective call to Congress to bring our troops home.”

Rep. Holvey, whose son Justin served in Iraq, told reporters, “This administration has betrayed the loyalty and patriotism of our troops by putting them in a civil war on false pretenses with no clear achievable mission to accomplish. Our troops, who are our neighbors, friends and family members, have sacrificed so much for our country. We owe them a great debt. We should endeavor to bring our troops home as soon as safely possible.”

Oregon soldiers and their families have been hit particularly hard by the war in Iraq. Eighty soldiers with ties to Oregon have been killed in action in the Middle East. Any increase in troops could ultimately impact Oregon’s National Guard troops here at home who have already served and the length of deployment for those currently serving overseas. Already, hundreds of thousands of National Guard troops have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving states like Oregon with fewer resources — soldiers and equipment — to respond to domestic emergencies.

“We are already paying a steep price””in dollars and in lives””for this war,” said Rosenbaum. “We’re sending a clear message to the President and Congress to change the course in Iraq.”

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