Lars Larson on biodiesel study

A new study out of Oregon State University says biodiesel and ethanol are not going to solve our energy problems.

I know there are people like my fellow talk show host Jeff Kropf who believe that biodiesel, ethanol, and things of that nature are going to solve our energy problems, stop global warming, and end our dependence on foreign fuel. the problem is that they are wrong. It is not just me saying this, Oregon State University has now come out with a gigantic study which suggest a number of things. First of all, corn ethanol and biodiesel don’t pencil out economically, they are far too expensive. They don’t pencil out from a standpoint of energy either. The farmer who is growing corn to turn it into fuel, has to use almost as much fuel to grow the corn as will come out of the corn at the end of the process.
And finally you have another phenomenon that is interesting. If we have to buy twice as much fuel and burn it just to make more fuel. Well, then the government is going to collect more taxes, and we are going to generate twice as much pollution. Ever thought of that?

From Lars Larson NW Reports.