Lars Larson on biodiesel study

A new study out of Oregon State University says biodiesel and ethanol are not going to solve our energy problems.

I know there are people like my fellow talk show host Jeff Kropf who believe that biodiesel, ethanol, and things of that nature are going to solve our energy problems, stop global warming, and end our dependence on foreign fuel. the problem is that they are wrong. It is not just me saying this, Oregon State University has now come out with a gigantic study which suggest a number of things. First of all, corn ethanol and biodiesel don’t pencil out economically, they are far too expensive. They don’t pencil out from a standpoint of energy either. The farmer who is growing corn to turn it into fuel, has to use almost as much fuel to grow the corn as will come out of the corn at the end of the process.
And finally you have another phenomenon that is interesting. If we have to buy twice as much fuel and burn it just to make more fuel. Well, then the government is going to collect more taxes, and we are going to generate twice as much pollution. Ever thought of that?

From Lars Larson NW Reports.

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  • Jerry

    Lars and others. Here is what the wacko ethanol people did not think of when they started this nonsense. The Mexican people are now having a very hard time buying tortillas, which are made from corn, which is now being sold to fuel ethanol plants. Are the E85 libs happy now? I have an E85 vehicle, but I am not sure I want to starve a Mexican family so I can try it out, pay more than for gas, and then get 20% worse mileage.
    Good intentions are not enough – you have to think before you climb aboard these wacko bandwagons.
    I only wish these people had as much sense as passion.
    Oh, and I almost forgot, how many of the libs drive E85 cars and actually buy the stuff? 2, maybe 3 in all of Portland?
    Man, it is really sad when the truth interferes with the grand plans of the caring left elitists.
    How sad – how very sad indeed.
    Bring back the Yugo!!!!
    Bring back the Pinto!!!
    SMART car anyone?
    Isetta anyone?
    The madness simply continues, unabated, as the clueless left “cares” more and more each day.
    Keep up the good work boys and girls.
    Hmmm, maybe light rail is the answer. It sure seems to have cut down on the driving in and around Portland.

  • Captain_Anon

    Lars may be right for now as to its cost. But like most things we work on and innovate, they don’t pencil out at first. but we get better at design, efficiency etc. Fuel cell research is finding ways to make them smaller, and more efficient. electric cars used to be prohibitavely expensive. but not anymore. So i think that research will find ways to improve the biodesiel. I think it will be a combonation of things that will help us ween ourselves off of fossil fuels. electric cars, biodiesel, and fuel cells. and perhaps fusion. i dunno. but eventually we’ll have break throughs to get us there. happend with the microwave, heat resistent materials, even cancer and aids research.

  • Tim Lyman

    The only “alternative” fuel source that pencils out AND produces far more energy than it uses is nuclear.

    NASA has been working on fuel cells for forty years. They are still ridiculously expensive and likely to stay so for many more decades.

    Where do you think the electricity for electric cars comes from? The same place the rest of our electricity comes from – hydro, greenhouse gas producing natural gas plants, toxin spewing coal plants and…NUCLEAR POWER, which accounts for 20% of the energy used in the US. Ane let’s not forget that spent batteries are one of the most toxic items around.

    If we want terror free energy and/or energy independence we need to start building the OSU breeder reactors, drilling offshore and drilling in ANWR. There isn’t going to be anything viable coming along to replace gasoline as transportation fuel for the masses for quite some time.

    The ignorant greenies don’t like this, but the “inconvenient truth” is that the laws of physics and economics don’t give a **** about their politics – or mine. Wishing for a thing does not make it so.

  • Mr. Accountant

    One of the few times I can say that I actually agree with everything that Lars wrote. Fossil fuels are going to run out. The earth is warming up. The only argument people have is to the timing and severity of both of those phenomenons. None of the solutions are pleasant. And what really sucks is that the consequences are way worse than any of the solutions. Man, this is going to be one screwed up century.

  • Jerry

    Well, Mr. Accountant, you can do your part by walking and/or riding a bike everywhere you go. There really is no other solution as many of the posters have pointed out. Nuclear seems the only one, but I thought those were bad too. Everything is bad. What are we going to do?
    By the way, Tim was right on in what he said. Totally.
    And still no one cares for the plight of the Mexicans and the corn.
    They go hungry so we can drive to Starbucks, eh?

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