Videos: Hillary gender bias, McCain threat, Rich greed disease,

Some of the week’s most notable and viral video:

1. Senator Sanders on rich greed disease
2. Barbara Steisand on Hillary gender bias
3. Senator McCain on read-the-bill threat
4. Palin on Hannity: Presidential run

View below…Senator Bernie Sanders on rich crybabies

Larry King and Barbara Striesand

John McCain on threat to read the bill

Hannity on Palin

  • Rupert in Springfield

    There is something a little bit ludicrous about a woman as rich as Barbra Streisand talking about another rich woman, Hillary Clinton, in a discussion about how hard women have it due to their gender.

    Your talented and wealthy Babs – Get over it.

    Learn to live with the fact that you are person who has had a great life, talent, fame, a stunning career and made a whole lot of money. Be content with that – stop trying to assuage liberal guilt over success by trying to glom onto victimhood status.

    Maybe put on the Way Back machine helmet and review some of your own damn movies you idiot.

    Yep, that’s right – remember “Up The Sandbox” Babs?

    It was a seminal moment in my life. There was the typical 70’s scene, a bunch of dopey women having a consciousness raising session, talking about oppression, and after the maid has gotten them all coffee and served lunch you invite her to sit down.

    Yep – middle class 70’s woman sitting around in a consciousness raising group was a singularly lame figure of the decade and you had the sense to make fun of it then. Do you think rich 2010 woman is now any less lame with this stuff Babs?

    I’ve got news for you Babs – People made fun of lame 70’s oppressed woman back then. you made fun of them. Now that you are doing it in 2010 it is so lame it is beyond lame.

    Its Death Spiral Lame Babs.

    No wait, its beyond Death Spiral Lame……….Its Death Helix Lame Babs…….Get over yourself. No one is ever going to see a woman who made a pile of money in show business, nor a woman who made a pile of money from politics as being oppressed, professionally or otherwise.

    • valley p

      So women haven’t faced additional hurdles based on gender Rupert? Its al been made up? Same as discrimination based on race?

      Clue in. Just because some were able to overcome it doesn’t mean it wasn’t or still isn’t there.

      • Founding Fathers

        You forget, VP, in Right Wing World all forms of discrimination magically ended in 1970.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Oh good lord, would you guys learn to deal with the point stated instead of this lame strategy of trying to argue a point never made?

      Can either of you ninnys point out where I said racism or discrimination never existed?

  • Anonymous

    So, when will we hear about the real “Climategate” on this site:

    Imagine the uproar on the right if MSNBC instructed their on-air staff how to speak about this issue.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      You are seriously arguing that the right hasn’t been upset about exactly this but in the other direction on AGW for years?

      You are seriously saying that?

      If not, what are you saying?

      • valley p

        I believe he or she is saying Rupert, that Fox News was just bested for instructing its news staff on how to slant coverage of AGW. So if you and Catalyst were so upset when Climate gate happened, why are you not so upset now?

        Don’t bother answering. It was a rhetorical question.

        Ok…back to Babs. Lets parse your statements.

        “There is something a little bit ludicrous about a woman as rich as Barbra Streisand talking about another rich woman, Hillary Clinton, in a discussion about how hard women have it due to their gender.

        Your talented and wealthy Babs – Get over it.

        What can Rupert mean by this? My interpretation: That rich women have no right to discuss how hard women (in general) have things by virtue of being women. To do so is ludicrous.

        Is it “ludicrous” for successful women to empathize with others of their gender who may have less success? I don’t think so. They shared the common experience of being women and having to deal with a man’s world, man’s rules, man’s imposed expectations and restrictions. So what is there to “get over?” The discrimination they had to overcome? They won, therefore let bygones be bygones?

        You need to walk a mile in their pumps Rupert.

        • D’oh!

          Oprah goodness slakes! Take Pelosi, Garofalo, Feinstein, Boxer, Murray, Cantwell, Gregoire, Landrieu, Fonda, Albright, Kinney, Sheehan, Walsh, et al, along with BS and HRC – put ’em in a long boat, schlep ’em ashore on Nikumaroro Island to look for what remains of Amelia Earhart .

      • Founding Fathers

        Rupert, perhaps you need to practice your reading skills.

        The point is that the right made a big deal over the supposed misbehavior in climatega, but, so far, they seem to be ignoring the misbehavior of one of their own.

        Which is SOP for the right.

  • Bono

    Palin will not run. She will sink in the polls once the heat gets back on her.

    • No Lenin, just the truth

      Chris Christie, super star. Sarah Palin better SOS for US than Hillary ‘New World Order’ Clinton by far.

      • valley p

        Sarah as Secretary of State? Wouldn’t she have to get a passport? Do you think she could find any other continents?

        • Founding Fathers

          VP, don’t you realize, being mayor of a town of 10,000 and the half-term governor of the 4th smallest state in the country is the perfect qualification to be Secretary of State for the modern anti-competence G.O.P.

          • “”

            FF for community organ grinder. Chee, chee!

        • D’oh!

          VP, incontinent as perusal…tokin’ for the ilks of Mesdames Halfbright and Hillary Klingon. Go fugure!

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