Portland wants your Transportation Opinion — So Speak up!

Eastside Guy, featured in Brainstorm Magazine

Sam Adams, the Portland City Commissioner in charge of the Portland Department of Transportation (PDOT) is currently working on his budget for the next fiscal year. PDOT faces a 17% shortfall (approx 8 million) in fiscal ’06 due to a reduction in available gas tax revenue.

In an effort to solicit public input on transportation priorities, Adams held a public forum Tuesday, December 13th. The forum utilized electronic polling to elicit responses from the audience on a variety of questions which would indicate their transportation spending priorities.
Unfortunately, the forum was held at 5:30 PM in downtown Portland, making it difficult for working people to attend, particularly those who commute by automobile. The audience was predominantly comprised of bicycle activists and alternative transportation advocates. The results of the polling were overwhelmingly anti-automobile.

Adams has provided a link to allow people to respond to the survey on-line via his website. It is extremely important that as many people as possible respond to the survey lest the transportation planners be left with the impression that the public wants their priorities to be bicycle lanes and public transportation.

You can read the background on the budget shortfall and access the survey by visiting Adams’ website http://www.commissionersam.com/.

The survey is not limited to Portland residents.

You can access the survey directly by going HERE