Immigration Reform Package Unveiled

NEWS RELEASE From Rep. Kim Thatcher, 2-9, 2007

Sensible Immigration Reform Legislative Package Kicks Off at Capitol Rally

(Salem) A package of 10 immigration reform bills was unveiled today on the steps of the State Capitol. “We decided to call this legislation the Sensible Immigration Reform Package because it offers common sense ways to preserve some of the core principles of our democracy: public safety, economic development and recognizing we are a nation of immigrants,” said State Representative Linda Flores (R-Clackamas) at a rally on the steps of the State Capitol today.

Representatives Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) and Flores have been drafting these bills for months and asked the House Speaker to form a special committee to take a serious look at these reforms. “But that didn’t happen so there’s a good chance these bills will be scattered into different committees and swept under the rug,” said Thatcher. “Don’t let that happen. We need your help to keep up the pressure. Let your legislators know immigration reform is important to you.”

Several other legislators attended the rally to show support. House Republican Leader Wayne Scott (R-Canby) told the crowd, “their package is a wake-up call to the Governor and many in the House and Senate who campaigned on this issue.” These bills are among several already circulating in the Capitol. They will have a first reading on Tuesday February 13th and be posted on the legislature’s web site the following day.

Sensible Immigration Reform Legislative Package

HB 2680 VOTER REGISTRATION – Requires prospective voter registrants to provide proof of citizenship.

HB 2681 STATE EMPLOYMENT FOR LEGAL RESIDENTS -Bars state from hiring or entering into contract with employer of illegal aliens

HB 2682 POLICE TOOLS – Gives law enforcement in Oregon more latitude by repealing ORS 181.850 to give police more flexibility to detain violators of federal immigration laws.

HB 2683 HUMAN TRAFFICKING – Creates crimes of slavery; & sexual slavery of a minor.

HB 2684 – ENGLISH LANGUAGE – Makes English official language of Oregon.

HB 2685 – STATE BENEFITS – Grants those here legally access to state benefits. Illegal immigrants would only be entitled to benefits currently allowed by federal law.

HB 2686 – REAL ID Brings Oregon into compliance with the Federal REAL ID Act. Proof of legal presence required for drivers’ license or ID card, as well as verification of identity, date of birth, address, and other related documents.

HJR 20 – AGRICULTURAL WORKERS – Directs State Employment Dept to participate in federal H2A Visa program for temporary agricultural employment.

HJM 8 – PRISON BEDS – Resolution requesting that the federal government fully reimburse the states for the cost of housing illegal immigrants in Oregon’s prison system.


CONGRESSIONAL ACTION – Memorial to urge federal government to utilize laws to curb illegal immigration, and commend the contributions of lawful immigrants.