Lars Larson on Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

It is about time Employers in Oregon got the right to fire an employee who comes up dirty on a drug screen.

For the longest time Oregonians have had medical marijuana. I think it is an unfortunate law because it is primarily aimed at aiding and abetting those who want to use marijuana for recreational purposes. The fact is that the Gallup poll shows that most Americans, and I believe those in Oregon and Washington also agree, do not want to see Marijuana legalized for recreational purposes. An argument was made to allow it for people with cancer and other terminal diseases because they would benefit from it. Oregon voters took it, hook line and sinker.

Now we have people working in jobs where they are dangerous if they are working high. If an employer tries to fire them, their argument is “I have a medical marijuana card, you can’t fire me for that.” I think that is just crazy. The legislature is now considering a new law. The new law says even if you have a medical marijuana card, if the employer has a no-drugs policy and you come up dirty — you are fired.

It would be a good idea. I hope Ted signs it.

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  • DeVietro

    When Orgonians passed the medical marijuana act, the essentially put marijuana in the same class as alchohol for those who have the legal authority. Yet you CAN be fired for being drunk on the job, also if you are perscribed sedatives or painkillers that alter your mental state you can be disiplined for that as well at work. This should be no different.

  • Jerry

    Lars, as usual, is absolutely correct. These people are nuts!

  • bob jones

    I would rather work with the occasional pot smoker than an alcoholic who cannot be counted on. Also, how many people get killed in this state by outomobile accidents from pot use? I would bet that it is alot less than alchohol. No I do not smoke pot! Nor do I intend to start.

  • Jayjay

    I have a medical card to smoke and I am a hard worker and appreciate being able to smoke my medicine in the evenings to stop the spasming in my back from a condition that does not get better…..only worsens, If I don’t take something for the spasming, then I will not be able to WORK….I can be on disability if I choose, and then I can smoke all day…..instead of working…Hmmmm sounds like I am a responsible person, and I make a very good living and no one would be able to tell by looking at me that I smoked, people are suprised when they find out and my company wanted to know if we needed a smoking room…to smoke in, if we needed to….:) I told them “no” I would go home if I was in that much pain. I never have taken narcotic pain medicines and no one can make, either!

  • George

    High…like on oxycontin, vicodin, ritalin…etc.  Be consistant and don’t be such an ass.  Medical marijuana is just that…medicine.  Most pain killers are opiate derivitives and topical anagesics are related to cocaine.  I have a hard time believing that if your wife, children or anyone you loved was suffering from an ailment, that you would refuse to try medical marijuana if all other avenues failed you.

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