Lars Larson on Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

It is about time Employers in Oregon got the right to fire an employee who comes up dirty on a drug screen.

For the longest time Oregonians have had medical marijuana. I think it is an unfortunate law because it is primarily aimed at aiding and abetting those who want to use marijuana for recreational purposes. The fact is that the Gallup poll shows that most Americans, and I believe those in Oregon and Washington also agree, do not want to see Marijuana legalized for recreational purposes. An argument was made to allow it for people with cancer and other terminal diseases because they would benefit from it. Oregon voters took it, hook line and sinker.

Now we have people working in jobs where they are dangerous if they are working high. If an employer tries to fire them, their argument is “I have a medical marijuana card, you can’t fire me for that.” I think that is just crazy. The legislature is now considering a new law. The new law says even if you have a medical marijuana card, if the employer has a no-drugs policy and you come up dirty — you are fired.

It would be a good idea. I hope Ted signs it.