Kevin Mannix Big Comeback with Six Petitions

Kevin Mannix is working on five initiative petitions. Some petitions are already gathering signatures, others are in the process. They are the following:

Reverse Legislative Attack on initiative process: A constitutional amendment which nullifies any restrictions on the citizens’ initiative process which are enacted during the current legislative session and which provides that all future restrictions on the citizen petition/initiative process must go to a vote of the people. This should be initiated within two weeks.

Establish mandatory minimum sentences:Establish mandatory minimum sentences for identity theft, burglary, auto theft, forgery, aggravated theft, and drug dealing. This is already in circulation as Initiative Petition 40.

Dedicates 15% of lottery profits to public safety. One-half of this amount will be used to fund the Oregon State Police forensics and criminal investigation operations. The other one half will be provided to counties for prevention programs for children at risk, sheriff field and investigation work and additional prosecutors. This is Initiative Petition 41 and is already in circulation.
Live strip club regulations: Amends the constitution to allow state and local governments to use their regulatory authority to regulate strip acts. This will overturn the Supreme Court decision that strip acts are free expression and cannot be subject to any regulation whatsoever. A ballot title is pending in the Supreme Court. This should be ready for circulation, soon.

Education Income tax credit: Provides an income tax credit for parents’ educational expenses for children in grades K-12. This credit is a direct offset against taxes owed and will be $200 the first year, $400 the second year, and $600 thereafter for each child each year. This will help parents who have to spend money for band instruments, sports uniforms, activity fees, books, tuition, tutoring, etc. A ballot title is pending before the Supreme Court. This should be ready for circulation, soon.

State Police: Establishes a constitutional requirement that the state provide at least one full-time sworn officer in the State Police Patrol Division per 5000 Oregon residents. This is ramped up over nearly five years so that by May 2013 the state will return to the ratio of patrol officers it had in 1980. Funding will come from general tax revenues. This petition will be initiated within two weeks.

Anyone who would like to help with any one of these petitions, can send an email to Kevin L. Mannix at [email protected].