Kevin Mannix Big Comeback with Six Petitions

Kevin Mannix is working on five initiative petitions. Some petitions are already gathering signatures, others are in the process. They are the following:

Reverse Legislative Attack on initiative process: A constitutional amendment which nullifies any restrictions on the citizens’ initiative process which are enacted during the current legislative session and which provides that all future restrictions on the citizen petition/initiative process must go to a vote of the people. This should be initiated within two weeks.

Establish mandatory minimum sentences:Establish mandatory minimum sentences for identity theft, burglary, auto theft, forgery, aggravated theft, and drug dealing. This is already in circulation as Initiative Petition 40.

Dedicates 15% of lottery profits to public safety. One-half of this amount will be used to fund the Oregon State Police forensics and criminal investigation operations. The other one half will be provided to counties for prevention programs for children at risk, sheriff field and investigation work and additional prosecutors. This is Initiative Petition 41 and is already in circulation.
Live strip club regulations: Amends the constitution to allow state and local governments to use their regulatory authority to regulate strip acts. This will overturn the Supreme Court decision that strip acts are free expression and cannot be subject to any regulation whatsoever. A ballot title is pending in the Supreme Court. This should be ready for circulation, soon.

Education Income tax credit: Provides an income tax credit for parents’ educational expenses for children in grades K-12. This credit is a direct offset against taxes owed and will be $200 the first year, $400 the second year, and $600 thereafter for each child each year. This will help parents who have to spend money for band instruments, sports uniforms, activity fees, books, tuition, tutoring, etc. A ballot title is pending before the Supreme Court. This should be ready for circulation, soon.

State Police: Establishes a constitutional requirement that the state provide at least one full-time sworn officer in the State Police Patrol Division per 5000 Oregon residents. This is ramped up over nearly five years so that by May 2013 the state will return to the ratio of patrol officers it had in 1980. Funding will come from general tax revenues. This petition will be initiated within two weeks.

Anyone who would like to help with any one of these petitions, can send an email to Kevin L. Mannix at [email protected]

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  • Jerry

    Thanks Kevin. Every single one of these I support fully and would hope all Oregonians would as well.
    Keep up the fight! These are fine petitions and must be brought to a vote of the people.

  • Steven Plunk

    I agree with all of these proposals except for mandatory sentences. Perhaps we could throw one in to keep the legislature from meeting every year like they plan on doing. Maybe a new spending limit proposal would have a chance now that the Governor is pushing a 20% increase in spending.

    It’s good to see Kevin back leading Oregonians. He deserves our respect and support.

  • Pepe’

    What is the descripton of the Education Income Tax Credit? The others sound very logical and timely. Great job, Kevin!

  • Captain_Anon

    From what i’ve read, the bills looking at reworking some of the initiative process are good bills, especially for those who hate to see wasteful government spending. for instance, currently, it only takes 25 signatures to require the attorney generals office to have staff begin writting up titles for potential iniatives. thats basically a large extended family. that requirs the lawyers to take time away from useful work and begin to spend hours coming up with titles and descriptions to be in the votes pamphlet. It seems reasonable to me to require 10% of the required signatures needed to make the ballot to be submitted before we as tax payers spend money for it. that doesn’t prvent the measure from going forward, just makes sure that iniatives that stand a chance of making the ballot get worked on. Even Tom Sizemore admited to using the current low number of signatures to test out titles with voters. hello, he’s using tax dollars to poll how the title works with the public. if he doesn’t like it, he submits another 25 signatures to get a different title. hes using OUR money to do that. he (or anyone else) should be paying for that himself, and not leeching on us, the tax payers.

    and i have to play devils advocate here. why are those who believe you should be allowed to do with your land as you please asking the government to regulate strip clubs. shouldn’t they have a right to do with thier land as THEY please?

  • Steven Plunk


    I would tend to agree with your assessment of the signature requirements before staff work on ballot titles. I don’t like changing initiative requirements but your proposal makes sense. As far as your question concerning strip club regulation let me explain a bit.

    I assume your question revolves around M37 so I will address that first. Remember M37 allows the property to seek the ability to do with the land what was previously allowed before the government stepped in with restrictions. The choice of the governing body is to allow those uses or to compensate for the lost value. These people lost something of value and now are looking to be made whole again. Very reasonable and fair.

    Many Libertarians believe some amount of zoning is necessary in order for modern communities to work properly. Factories next to retirement centers and fuel storage facilities next to elementary schools are a couple of examples. This sort of zoning is something worth keeping. Unfortunately land use intrudes to an extreme in Oregon.

    Strip clubs, adult bookstores and the like carry with them moral baggage that repulses most who recognize what goes on inside. Now I’m far from pure myself but I certainly understand why a community would want to regulate these establishments in order to minimize the impact on neighborhoods. Business owners have a right to conduct business but reasonable regulation like keeping an oil refinery out of a historic district or keeping a strip club away from a church is acceptable.

    This sort of regulation is very different from allowing land owners to subdivide a parcel because some bureaucrat thinks development should take place in a different part of the county at a different density.

    If you look more closely I think you will see M37 claims are very reasonable and only impact in abstract ways such as a few additional trips per day of traffic.

    Cities and counties have been using land use as a tool to get more out of property owners than originally anticipated. Exactions have become the rule rather than the exception to the rule. Forcing property owners to what would otherwise be optional is something even the supreme court of the United States has recognized as out and out extortion.

  • nme

    I think what happens between human beings is more important that what happens between soil and rock.

  • Info please

    I’m interested in the education tax credit, but under that title its just a repeat of the state police info.

  • Major Anon

    Captain Anon is a liberal troller pretending to be a conservative.

    • Captain_Anon

      Whether i am or not, how does that impact the debate on the issues? or is it that you can’t actually engage in honest and respectful debate and resort to simple name calling and rock throwing?

      and just for fun, i’ve been a life long republican. even voted for pat buchannon in the 1992 primary.

  • Slevin

    Mr. Mannix is proposing ideas, while the legislature proposes programs that cost much, accomplish little. What else needs to be said.

  • J Johns

    Enforce immigration law in Oregon and a lot of crime issues will go away. I support all of the initiatives but feel like his time would have been better spent on something other than Live strip club regulations.

    • Captain_Anon

      I agree – illegal immigrants have deep and expensive impacts on our economy and public safety.

  • Caper

    A good immigration measure would be facinating for the 2008 ballot. Any takers?

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