Ex-White Supremacist story a good response to Charlottesville violence

Responding to Charlottesville shocking car attack with a message from a ex-white supremacist.
By Jason Williams
Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The violence is still fresh and the details are still coming in on Saturdays violence at a White Supremacist rally where a supporter drove a car through a crowd of counter-protesters — a textbook terrorist attack method I might add.   I saw this video  from a Morgan Freeman National Geographic series earlier this year and found it a fitting response.   

Too often White Supremacists live in a perverted bubble where they feed off public attacks.   The video shows this exact point as ex-white supremacist Brian Wydner explains that in getting a Nazi tattoo brought him attention and fights — which is, as sick as it sounds, exactly what he wanted.    This is why we need to fight extremism and supremacistism in more ways than one.   Highlighting an ex-white supremacist is one of the bigger insults you can deliver and it is a chance to try to change their minds and pull people out.   The video is surprising on how difficult it was for Brian Wydner to leave once he changed his mind — it almost cost him his life.

The media reports that there were 15 people injured due to fighting at the Charlottesville event even before the car attack happened (read report here).   My thoughts and prayers to the victims.