Libertarian Lawsuit Dropped

Below is a message sent from Richard Burke, Executive Director of the Oregon Libertarian Party. 2-20-07.

This afternoon in Washington Circuit Court, Judge Hernandez dismissed the petition for a “Writ of Mandamus” filed by Mr. Wes Wagner against the LPO. Mr. Wagner had alleged that the LPO State Committee had violated a number of bylaws and asked the court to effectively enforce them. It is the opinion of LPO officers and myself that Mr. Wagner’s true agenda was to force the LPO into a discovery process it could not afford to break the party financially and politically, thereby facilitating a factional takeover. After listening to both sides, Judge Hernandez was very clear in his rulings as he dismissed the case. Judge Hernandez also declared the LPO and other defendants to be the “prevailing parties,” thereby facilitating the collection of court costs and legal fees from Mr. Wagner as requested by the LPO’s attorney.

In January, a recall election was held invoked by a recall petition organized and led by Mr. Wagner. In the election, LPO members overwhelmingly voted to retain all officers. This month, as reported above, the lawsuit against the LPO filed by Mr. Wagner has been dismissed. This provides the LPO with an opportunity to focus on more constructive and exciting things like it’s upcoming convention at Sunriver Resort, the election of municipal office holders, pending legislation at the state capitol, and a U.S. presidential candidate who promises to bring energy and resources into our organization.