Taxes gone wild in Redmond, Oregon

I have accepted an invitation to speak at the Redmond Patriot’s event “Taxes Gone Wild” next Monday, January 8th at the Highland Baptist Church @ 6:30 pm. I will be joining a panel that will include Rick Little, a CPA and Patti Adair, the current chair of the Deschutes County Republican Party. We will be diving into the details of federal tax reform, Measure 101, Oregon’s 2017 Transportation Bill, and the coming state-level cap and trade bill.

Do you remember the Tea Party days? There were all kinds of new organizations forming across Oregon for people concerned with excessive growth in the size and scope of government power. These were places to meet, learn, and become more informed about the details of public policy. Not many of them are still active in Oregon, but the Redmond Patriots lives on, making a difference.

Founded in September 2010 by Robert Perry, a retired director of marketing from the Gillette Company, Redmond Patriot’s mission has always been to “Promote American Exceptionalism through Community Education.” Long after the passion for Tea Party protests fizzled, this organization has become an institution in central Oregon with a current membership of 453. If you’re in the area next Monday, I hope to see you there.

Eric Shierman lives in Salem and is the author of A Brief History of Political Cultural Change.