Poll Shows Most People Want Bush Tax Cuts Permanent

Here is excerpts from a press release from Moore Information 2-22-2007 on Bush Tax Cuts. We encourage you to read the whole report HERE.

The 2001 federal tax cuts supported by President Bush and passed by Congress are set to expire in 2010. We asked voters in our recent nationwide poll what they thought about that, here is what we found.

A majority (52%) of Americans today would like to see the tax cuts made permanent. However, 38% would prefer to let the tax cuts expire and the remaining 10% have no opinion. The intensity of this debate is tilted toward the “make them permanent” side — fully 38% feel “strongly” that the tax cuts should be permanent, while only 22% feel “strongly” that they should be allowed to expire.

These tax cuts are oftentimes referred to simply as the “Bush tax cuts.” In this survey, we discovered tying the tax cuts directly to President Bush makes little difference to voters’ views on whether or not they should be made permanent. We split the sample of 800 voters nationwide into two equally representative samples of approximately 400 respondents each. One sample was asked about making the “Bush tax cuts” permanent and the other was asked about making the “tax cuts” permanent, with no reference to Bush. To this, we found 48% favor making the “Bush tax cuts” permanent, while 38% said let them expire and 13% have no opinion (compared to 52% who favored making “the tax cuts” permanent, 38% let them expire and 10% no opinion when no reference to Bush is made). Once again, voters with strong opinions are more likely to favor making the “Bush tax cuts” permanent, by a 34% to 21% margin.

We encourage you to read the whole report HERE.