Chair Bernard clearly violates county HR rules; Calls for Resignation Continue

By Tim Lussier

Clackamas County Chair Jim Bernard violated multiple provisions of the County “Non-discrimination / Anti-Harassment” Human Resources policy by attacking Julie Parrish after the Measure 101 election.

Six months ago Bernard signed Resolution #2017-93, reaffirming the County’s deep commitment to “providing safe places at work”, and “respecting each other”; exposing the County and its citizens to legal liability resulting from Bernard’s unprovoked attack.

The resolution was approved by the Commission in support of “diverse political views of all persons” and “achieving outcomes that improve safety, health and prosperity for all who live, work and recreate in Clackamas County”. Bernard’s use of, threatening language including “Cut You” and “Screw You!”. No one, especially an innocent woman, should be subject to violence or threatening language, especially from the Chair of our County Commission.

In spite of Bernard’s signature on the Resolution, his Facebook comments violated the spirit of values of Clackamas County. Bernard violated the General Employment Guidelines which cover “personal standards of conduct and standard operating procedures to protect the health and safety of all.”

The citizens of Clackamas County expect that our Commissioners will be held to the same exact standards as the 2,000 employees they oversee..

The Human Resources Handbook clearly states “…work rules shall apply to all County employees.” Bernard violated the HR rule by not “dealing with the public and other employees in a courteous and professional manner” and “Not engage in conduct that reflects discredit on the County.”

Bernard’s attack clearly meets the County’s definition of: 1) Harassment and 2) Sexual Harassment and clearly violate the standards as written in 3) General Employment Guidelines Handbook a) Ethical Standards and b) Employee Responsibilities sections.

During the January 26th Board meeting, Commissioner Martha Schrader downplayed and justified Bernard’s conduct by stating “Jim Bernard,you are a good man Charlie Brown”. A good person… a good leader, would not attack anyone in such a vicious manner.

Citizens are expected to appear at the February 1st 10:00 AM Commission meeting in Oregon City to demand that Bernard resign.

Full documentation is available here.