House to Vote on Kicker Raid

Raiding kicker penalizes businesses for success.
It will hurt business growth and future tax revenue.

Taxpayers love their personal & corporate kicker. They re-approved their support for it by placing it into the state constitution in the year 2000 (Measure 86 passed by 62%).

Why penalize Oregon businesses for doing a great job?
Oregon businesses outperformed economic projections by their successful growth which has caused an over-collection of tax revenue. This business success story means more economic vitality, higher salaries, and more employment. Higher profits also equal more tax revenue. Stealing away this business achievement will slow economic vitality, postpone raises and put-off new hires. HB 2707-A eliminates the “opportunity money” businesses would use to grow themselves and consequently grow Oregon’s tax revenue base. You cannot take a quarter billion out of the economy and pretend that there is no lost opportunity costs involved.

State Government is already growing at 14%
The state budget is already growing at 14% without a single new tax. There is plenty enough of incoming state revenue to grow the budget and place money in a reserve fund.

Government should not be rewarding itself for the rewards business has achieved. If government wants to reward itself for being super-productive like businesses just accomplished, it should then reward itself by cutting waste and becoming more efficient.