State Senator Makes Honest Apology

Politicians are not known for ever making apologies. Independent State Senator Avel Gordly is an exception, and a noble one at that. Senator Gordly issued an apology for speaking inappropriately in regards to Shawna Hill’s son who was lost in the Iraq war. To understand the context Senator Gordly’s original letter can be found here. Shawna Hill was also featured in a letter by Rep. Kim Thatcher in regards to her support for the troops.

The war brings out a collision of passions, politics, pacifism, patriotism and powerful emotions. In this case, cooler heads prevailed. Our thanks to Senator Gordly for her honesty and humility. We need more of it.

Here is Rep. Gordly’s apology letter:

Public apology to the family of PFC Hill

I am prayerfully and publicly offering this apology to Shawna Hill for including her beloved son’s name in a communication from my office in opposition to the war in Iraq.

I understand that this young man wanted to serve his country and was dedicated to the mission in Iraq. I respect that he served honorably and courageously.

I deeply regret that my words caused pain to the Hill family.

I aspire to be impeccable in my use of language, but in this case I failed.


Avel Louise Gordly

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.”