Best Quotes from Kicker Floor Debate

The House voted yesterday on HB 2707-A to raid the business tax kicker (a quarter billion in taxes) and to put it into a emergency rainy day fund. The measure needed 40 votes and only received 31 which represented every Democrat and no Republicans votes. Below are some of the best quotes from the floor vote.

“Since the kicker just falls out of the sky, why not have it fall on our rainy day fund”
Rep. Greg McPherson
(We now have proof that liberals do not know where our taxes come from.)

“We need to stop spending every dime that comes into this building”
Rep. Chris Edwards
(Egads! This is a case where political banter gets thrown around so much in the State Capitol that you actually contradict yourself. By voting for the measure Edwards will be spending every dime that comes in AND be raiding $250 million in business owner dimes to add to it.)

“As my dad used to say “˜You can believe in a bull market and still make money. You can believe in a bear market and still make money. But if you’re a pig you’re going to starve”
Rep. Fred Girod
(This hilarious line was all that Girod said as he then proceeded to sit down. Rep. Girod is quickly becoming the humorist sage of the group.)

“I am very concerned an emergency does not exist. I toyed in my mind when people asked me early on what an emergency might look like. Try this on for an emergency: THE LEGISLATURE HAS BEEN UNABLE TO CONTROL ITS SPENDING APPETITE, THEREFORE IT SEEKS TO TAKE MONEY BELONGING TO SOMEONE ELSE AND CALL IT SAVINGS. That doesn’t sound like an emergency to me. I am having problems. If a person were to walk up to a teller at a bank and ask that teller to fill up the bag with money, and then move that money to the next teller and say “˜This is my savings, aren’t you proud of me?’ “
State Rep. Tom Butler
(Well said)

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