Common Firearms Act Petition starts

By “Don’t Take Away My Right To Defend My Family Committee”

The “Don’t Take Away My Right To Defend My Family Committee” proudly announces that an Oregon constitutional amendment “The Common Firearms Act” (IP-8) has been filed with the Oregon Secretary of State and has received clearance to begin gathering the required 1,000 valid signatures of registered Oregon voters to obtain a ballot title for the November 2020 general election.

This proposed constitutional amendment is a direct result of IP-43 (since withdrawn) which would have allowed among other things the unconstitutional confiscation of legal firearms. A 117,000 member Facebook group was quickly organized to fight IP-43 and out of that group came the effort to put forward “The Common Firearms Act”.

The two chief petitioners of “The Common Firearms Act” are Sharon Preston of Redmond, a member of the Facebook group and Carlyan Castellano of Portland, one of the creators and administrators of the Facebook group.

“Evil doesn’t ask who you voted for before it crosses your threshold. Many women choose a firearm as their tool for personal defense. As a Certified Instructor, I’ve trained thousands of women in Oregon from all walks of life” said Preston. “I know first hand how important it is for these women to be able to choose from a wide variety and purchase firearms that suit their needs. IP-43 would have made that nearly impossible.”

“The Common Firearms Act” is based on the late US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s majority opinion in the Heller decision that used the term “Firearms In Common Use” and held that the heart of the Second Amendment is the right to self-defense. Oregon’s Constitution states that the citizens have the “right to bear arms for the defense of themselves” and this proposed amendment protects the right to own  firearms that were commonly available for civilian purchase under Oregon law as of July 1, 2018. It does not change any existing Oregon firearm regulations, but it prevents new regulations from placing unreasonable burdens on the right to defend yourself or your loved ones with a common firearm.

“As a young woman I am passionate about my right, and the rights of my peers, to own firearms. In opposition to IP43 we created the Facebook group (Oregonians Against the “Assault Weapons” Ban now referred to as) Oregon Firearm Advocate” said Castellano. “Our private group grossed over 100k members in the first week. This was a clear representation that the right to defend ourselves with a firearm crossed party and ideological lines and must be protected in the Oregon Constitution.”

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