Forbes: Gov. Brown using tax funds for campaigning?

By NW Spotlight,

Forbes Magazine is reporting that Oregon Governor Kate Brown is unfairly mixing taxpayer dollars with campaign activities.

Here is a quote,

On May 10, 2018, Brown was the commencement speaker at the University of Colorado Boulder. Over a two-day period, the governor’s office, which includes her security detail, racked up $8,277 in expenses including hotels ($4,148), airline flights ($2,222) and rental car charges ($1,046). The trip was packed with ten campaign events – each logged on Brown’s official state calendar. Brown spent only four hours during the two-day period on Boulder’s campus.

During the week of February 22, 2018, Brown attended the National Governor’s Association conference in Washington, D.C. Landing two days early, Brown scheduled twelve campaign events. In total, Brown spent a full day and a half of the three-day trip campaigning. Taxpayers paid $11,984 in total charges including airfare ($5,796), the expensive Marriott hotel near the White House ($4,627), car rental ($927), plus food and beverage costs ($600).