Rep. Burley to Boost Biofuels Industry

The following is from Rep. Burley’s Press Release:

Supports Passage of Legislation to Promote Alternative Energy Development

SALEM- Rep. Chuck Burley (R-Bend) today supported passage of House Bill 2210, the legislation to promote private development of alternative energies in Oregon . Rep. Burley has actively participated in the bi-partisan discussions that produced the package, also known as the “biofuels bill.”

“This legislation will help grow Oregon ‘s emerging biofuels industry, and help expand markets for our forest and agricultural industries,” Rep. Burley said. “The ultimate benefit is that HB 2210 will benefit Oregon ‘s economy and create new family-wage jobs.”

HB 2210 provides income, corporate and property tax credits for agricultural producers of biofuel materials, such as oil seed, grass straw and certain grain crops and wood products. It also provides tax incentives for consumers who use these fuels in alternative fuel vehicles.

“The goal of this package is to provide assistance to jumpstart this important emerging industry,” Rep. Burley said. “A nearly identical package had broad bi-partisan support in 2005, and this new legislation shares in that spirit of working across the aisle.”

“Cleaner forms of energy are essential to reducing our dependence on foreign oil. By passing this bill, we in the state of Oregon have one more tool in our toolbox to achieve this goal.”