Rep. Lynn Findley Comes out Against Proposed Gun Legislation

By Rep. Lynn Findley

This week marks the first week of the 2019 Legislative Session. There have been several topics, which have, unsurprisingly, shown to be important to the people living in Eastern Oregon –predominantly gun legislation.

Rep. Lynn Findley (R-Vale) of House District 60 said, “The people in my district have vocalized that theywill not tolerate the new gun legislation being proposed, specifically in SB 501. This legislation was introduced at the request of students living in the Portland metro area as a response to the devastating school shootings we have witnessed over the past few years. Although I believe that all Oregonians deserve to have their voices heard and we have the responsibility to ensure our students feel safe and protected in their schools, this legislation will not provide the desired outcome. Instead it would create non-sensical restrictions at the expense of law-abiding gun owners. I will therefore be voting against SB501.”

Rep. Findley is an active outdoorsman and gun owner. He represents House District 60 in the Oregon Legislature.