There Was A Conspiracy Involving Trump

With the resignation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein the senior leaders of a cabal of Department of Justice lawyers and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) leaders who conspired to deny President Donald Trump’s election and/or overturn it through a variety of means have been exposed and most have left the government. Along the way they broke more laws than Bonnie and Clyde. To a man and woman they not only sought to deny Mr. Trump his duly elected office but they covered, trashed and tainted an investigation of Hillary Clinton and her husband and staffers who systematically engaged in more governmental corruption than former Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL). Everywhere you turned they sought to stack the deck in favor of a groundless conspiracy, endless rumors and downright lies.

Did they succeed? Yes and no. There is no question that they disrupted the transition into Mr. Trump’s presidency and burned up literally tens of millions of dollars – the actual cost to the government, the added cost for the myriad of congressional investigations and the resulting cost to all of those innocent people whose lives they have tainted forever. But has there been any evidence of a conspiracy as originally charged? Except in the wistful thoughts of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who apparently can clearly see what escapes everyone else, the answer is clearly NO.

The indictments delivered up by Special Counsel Robert Mueller have involved allegations of lying to the FBI, and crimes unrelated to Mr. Trump or the alleged conspiracy. Oh, add to that the majority of people who have been indicted are Russian nationals who have never set foot in America and most likely never will to face those charges. And even at that, the charges have nothing to do with a conspiracy but rather to do with Russia’s favorite pastime – hacking into other nations’ computer data bases in order to steal information and cause confusion.

The better question is did these conspirators get away with it? Again the answer is yes and no. There is nothing more sinister than finding that individuals have used their government offices to alter the most democratic function of our nation – an election. In this case the most important election held every four years – the presidency. In that regard, these conspirators have failed. On the other hand, it appears that they have gotten away without penalty. Let’s review.

  • James Comey: Former Director of the FBI was fired for cause by Mr. Trump. The facts that have been disclosed thus far indicates that Mr. Comey was a consistent manipulator of his office to increase his authority and protect himself from scrutiny. He rivals the now-reviled former director J. Edgar Hoover. And yet Mr. Comey remains free. There has been no suggestion of a criminal investigation of his conduct. His retirement benefits have not been impacted and he is out making a considerable amount of money on his book and speaking tour.
  • Andrew McCabe: Former Deputy Director of the FBI under Mr. Comey and acting director following Mr. Comey’s termination was fired by Attorney General Jeff Session following an Inspector General’s report detailing Mr. McCabe’s unauthorized leaks of information and lying to the FBI. The Inspector General subsequently referred Mr. McCabe for criminal indictment. Nothing has been done in that regard despite the passage of nearly a year. Mr. McCabe lost a portion of his civil service pension because he was fired for cause.
  • Rod Rosenstein: Current Deputy Attorney General who appointed Mr. Mueller due to the recusal of former Attorney General Jeff Session (R). Mr. Rosenstein was part of the cabal meeting with Mr. McCabe and is alleged to have volunteered to wear a wire into meetings with Mr. Trump. That allegation has been made repeatedly by Mr. McCabe – a noted liar. However, press reports using anonymous sources vouch for Mr. McCabe’s allegations. Here it is one liar after another – each lying about the lies of others. What a mess. Mr. Rosenstein also participated in the conspiracy to mislead the FISA courts relating to secret wiretaps of associates of Mr. Trump.
  • Peter Strzok: Former Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence in the FBI who became part of Mr. Mueller’s team investigating Mr. Trump. Mr. Mueller was forced to dismiss Mr. Strzok after text messages revealed an ongoing extra-marital affair with Lisa Page and an extraordinary bias against Mr. Trump. Mr. Strzok promised to implement a strategy to deny Mr. Trump the presidency. Mr. Strzok was also instrumental in the investigation of Hillary Clinton and the use of the illegal internet server and allowed Ms. Clinton special privileges in the interview processes. Mr. Strzok was subsequently fired by the FBI. No charges have been filed against Mr. Strzok. He is the recipient of nearly $450,000 dollars from a Go-Fund-Me effort that he can use to pay his legal costs and lost income from his termination.
  • Lisa Page: Ms. Page was a FBI attorney assigned to the Mueller investigation. She was also Mr. Strzok’s paramour and the recipient of the plethora of text messages critical of Mr. Trump and suggesting a secret plan to stop Mr. Trump’s presidency. Ms. Page was allowed to resign from the FBI. No charges have been filed against Ms. Page.
  • Bruce Ohr: Mr. Ohr was a deputy attorney general who was instrumental in funneling information from Fusion GPS, for whom his wife worked, including information contained in the infamous Steele dossier, to the other conspirators in the FBI. He was subsequently demoted but remains employed by the Department of Justice. No charges have been filed against Mr. Ohr, or his wife, or her employer – Fusion GPS – or Christopher Steele regarding the dossier.

Undoubtedly history will reveal others involved in this conspiracy, including major news organizations, but for now, other than Mr. McCabe’s loss of a portion of his pension, nobody has suffered from their participation in an effort to thwart the 2016 election of Donald Trump and none are likely to.

But the problem here is that the lack of punishment simply encourages others to do the same – maybe a little more carefully, maybe without salacious text messages – but to the same end. So when you ask the question as to whether the conspirators succeeded the answer is they did not deny Mr. Trump the presidency, but because of the lack of punishment, they got away with the attempt. More importantly they discovered and demonstrated that there were any number of politicians (this time all Democrats) more than willing to cover their tracks.

America was not in danger from a BS conspiracy with the Russians. America was and is in danger from an insidious assault from its own government bureaucrats.