Does Oregon’s global warming commission actually combat climate change?

Lars Larson transcript,
NW based national talk show host

The Northwest buys the climate change nonsense liberals have been selling. So of course Oregon has a state global warming commission. Never mind the computer models which predicated  global warming 30 years ago turned out to be wrong. The earth passed the magic 400 parts per million CO2 three years ago. Reaching that number was supposed to send us into uncontrollable global warming. Instead, the whole country has been smashing 100 year records. LA for instance saw its first February in history where the temp never reached 70°.

Oregon’s Global Commission has been pushing “carbon taxes” to save us from all this “warming”. Angus Duncan leads the committee, even though he also funded the Bonneville Environmental Foundation which stands to make big bucks if carbon taxes pass. Duncan refuses to come on my show to answer questions, but he admits to my producer that he has a financial conflict to interest. In fact, he says everyone on his commission has similar conflicts. They’ll make money if Kate Brown adds a billion or more in carbon taxes.

And guess what – we Taxpayers pay the bill.