Mueller as Pontius Pilate

Easter Sunday marked the conclusion of Holy Week for Christianity. For those of you forced to endure an agnostic public education at the hands of the teachers and public employee unions, Easter represents the resurrection of the Son of God in fulfillment of the Scriptures. Holy week is crowded with significant events – the Last Supper, the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, the arrest of Jesus, His trial, condemnation, humiliation and crucifixion. And it is the trial of Jesus that most fascinates me this year because its description can serve as an allegory to what has transpired with the long awaited release of the Mueller report on Russian collusion with Robert Mueller servicing as Pontius Pilate.

Now before all of you liberal/progressive/socialists get your panties in wad, this in no way suggests that President Donald Trump shares any qualities with the Son of God, Jesus Christ, except one – and that will be made apparent. So if you have started to hyperventilate, if you are having the vapors, if you are reaching for Beta-blockers or feel a need to find a “safe space” to avoid the truth you probably want to stop reading right now. For the rest of you of superior intelligence, please hang with me.

First of all, the Jews did not crucify Jesus. When Jesus entered Jerusalem he was surrounded by the villagers (almost all Jews) who cheered and applauded. People hung on his every word and sought his counsel and his grace for those who ailed. Jesus was a hero. So much so that he threatened the traditional authority and the power of the Jewish hierarchy – the priests, elders, rabbis, and their sycophants. And it was the Jewish hierarchy who engineered the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, His arrest in the Gardens of Gethsemane, and His handing over to Pontius Pilate. And this is where the allegory begins.

The Jewish hierarchy had exercised vast power over the Jewish people. They lived a luxuriant lifestyle based on levying money and goods from the Jewish people. They were afforded deference based on the assumption that they were smarter, better educated, more worldly and that all important kicker – they governed the religion that was the alpha and omega of the Jewish people’s lives. In that regard they were like Congress – in this instance the Democrats of Congress. Even though they were the minority party they exercised significant power because the President (Barack Obama) was also a Democrat. And they had built an expectation that that power would continue, or even grow, with the election of the presumptive heir to Mr. Obama, Hillary Clinton

Pilate, as the Prefect of Judea, exercised absolute power on behalf of the Emperors of Rome. He could go anywhere, question anyone, jail anyone, and convict anyone. No one was allowed to question his purpose or his power. Sort of like Mr. Mueller. While Pilate was shielded from questioning or criticism by his own position as Prefect, Mr. Mueller was shielded by a constant hysteria from the Democrats – often joined by slackers from the Republican Party – that Mr. Trump was about to fire him. It is irrelevant as to whether any serious consideration was given to firing Mr. Mueller because he wasn’t fired – and his investigation was never impeded by Mr. Trump or members of his administration. (But the constant din by the Democrats gave them license to claim that, but for their actions, Mr. Trump would have fired Mr. Mueller – a debate in search of an issue.)

Be that as it may, Mr. Mueller, like Pilate, was able to use his virtually unlimited authority and power to fully investigate the allegations against Mr. Trump. And like Pilate, Mr. Mueller could find nothing. Pilate is said to have noted in the Gospel according to John:

“I find no guilt in Him.”

And yet Pilate bowed to the demands of the Jewish hierarchy that had inflamed a band of sycophants (much like the mainstream media) and condemned Jesus to death by crucifixion. Pilate even went so far as to give the mob a choice as to whom should be released: Jesus, or a well-known and violent criminal Barabas. So threatened were the Jewish elders by the presence of Jesus that they took the violent criminal, Barabas.

Mr. Mueller in turn found that there was no knowing collusion between Mr. Trump, or any other American investigated, and the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 election. But Mr. Mueller and his all Democrat (mostly Clinton loyalists) team knew that such a finding would enrage the Democrats and the mainstream media.

So, like Pilate, despite knowing there was no guilt, they threw Mr. Trump to the mob and said Congress should determine his fate over the vagaries of “interference” with the Mueller investigation. Mr. Trump ran his mouth continuously about the “witch hunt”, as he perceived the investigation to be but that’s just running your mouth. He fired FBI head James Comey but he had the absolute authority to that and it had no impact on Mr. Mueller or his investigation. More importantly Mr. Comey deserved it for his conduct in office. He also, apparently, demanded that White House counsel, Don McGhan fire Mr. Mueller but Mr. McGhan refused – as good lawyers do when their clients suggest something stupid. More importantly, McGhan did not have authority to remove Mr. Mueller, only Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein could do that and everyone, including Mr. Trump, knew that. Beyond that there is less evidence of interference than there was of collusion – I mean if there is something less than zero.

But here is the kicker, In the aftermath, Pilate was recalled to Rome for failing to quell a subsequent riot only to have the emperor die before he arrived for punishment. Writers of the time speculate that Pilate (and his wife who was a bit of a mystic) rued his condemnation of Jesus and subsequently became believers in the divinity of Jesus. One wonders whether Mr. Mueller after reflection will have second thoughts about throwing Mr. Trump to the Democrat and mainstream media mob. We also know that Jesus forgave Pilate, while Mr. Trump will never forgive Mr. Mueller or the corrupt members of the FBI and the Justice Department who began this investigation without a single verifiable fact.

But we all know how this story will progress. The Democrats will investigate and find nothing but in the meantime they will speculate, project, and assume without foundation all to be used as campaign fodder without any real hope of finding a criminal or impeachable offense. And this is what we have sent these 535 lightweights to Washington to do instead of tackling immigration, health care and completion of the tax reform?