Lars Larson on the DUII License Stripe

Let me bring back an idea that I first suggested to the Oregon Legislature about five years ago. It was actually turned into a bill, but didn’t make it out of the committee process.

Here it is in basic. If you get convicted of driving under the influence you get a red stripe on your driver’s license that lasts for a year. Bartenders could look at that and say that they have chosen not to serve people with a red stripe on their drivers licenses.

It would also alert cops that they are dealing with somebody who has a DUII in their background.

Would it be the Scarlett letter? You bet it would.

Would it humiliate some people who had a driver’s license that looked that like? You bet it would.

Would it keep some of them from going out to bars with their friends and drinking and driving knowing that they would get carded? I think it would.

Let’s give that idea another shot.

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  • Jonathan Kloor

    I could not agree with you more.
    Public humilation as a deterant for Drunk Driving… I love it
    But what about illegal immigrants? They would get a free pass right?

    The way I see it any wealthy citizen convicted of a DUI can pay their fine, reinstate their insurance, and then contuine to drink an drive. But a red stripe signaling to everyone that you are a irresposnsible, wreckless ass… that a priceless blow to everyone’s ego, espically the big ones.

    Not only do I agree that this would reduce the number of first time offenders but it would also significantly curb the repeat offenders.

    Way to go Lars, that’s just common sense.

  • eagle eye

    What a busy-body Lars Larson is, especially for someone who is always bellowing about how government should mind its own business.

    He says he wants to help the cops and bartenders. Are the cops asking for this? Don’t they have instant access to a driver’s record? (They should if they don’t already.)

    Are bartenders asking for this? I’ll ask the next time I see one.

  • Devietro

    I like the idea but it wont work. Most people who appear over the age of about 30 never get carded, its that simple. This would only be effective against the 21-30 crowd, granted that group does have pleanty of DUII’s but I dont think this will fix it the way Lars suggests.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t people who get a DUII lose their license for a year anyway? Would they get it back just in time for the stripe to come off?

  • Devietro

    License loss happens less than you think, first offenders with Diversion get somewhat of a sweetheart (although expensive) deal.

  • Steven Plunk

    I normally agree with much of what Lars says but I have to disagree on this one.

    I not only question the effectiveness of such a step but I also wonder what could happen when we apply the rule of unintended consequences. This could run away and gain a life of it’s own where Salem DMV bureaucrats would use and abuse it.

    The current laws are just fine.

  • Jerry

    OK idea but the strip should be on their license plate. Much better idea. Much.

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