Lane Tax Refendum Nets 6,539 Signatures on its First Day!

The Lane County referendum drive gathered a spectacular 6,539 signatures in just nine hours on its first day!

In that one day they sailed past the 5,500+ signatures needed to qualify the referendum for the ballot. The measure would allow voters a chance to vote on the new income tax passed by the county. The county passed the tax hike only four months after voters rejected a similar income tax measure last November.

The one day inaugural signature drive was launched last Saturday by the We Said NO Committee. A full page newspaper ad announced the kick-off day and featured eight referendum locations around the county. The committee will be turning in the signatures on Monday morning for early signature verification.

Committee spokesman, Ben Pooler, said of the outstanding turnout “This is one of the proudest moments in my life to be an American. I’m so proud of Lane County voters. This drive is not about us, it is about the people of the county and having our voices heard.”