Adios Theresa, Don’t Let the (Br)exit Door Hit You in the Rear.

So British Prime Minister Theresa May has tendered her resignation. Good. It’s about time that a pretender turned back the reins of government to someone who will actually carry out the will of the people. Advice by the way that the Democrats in America routinely ignore.

The people of Great Britain voted in June of 2016 to terminate their participation in the European Union. It came in large part because the British people realized that immigration policy, trade relations and industrial development were controlled by European elitists (a small closed group of wealthy and isolated political snobs) who seldom had the interests of Brits anywhere near the top of their decision making. (It is not dissimilar to the Washington elites whose globalist views routinely sacrifice jobs, industrial growth and demand that America’s middle class show up, shut up and pay up.)

It was the European elites who conjured up the idea of the European Union. Petty bickering amongst the European nations routinely interfered with the multinational dreams of these elites. They knew that they could control individual governments for abbreviated periods of time but they could not control all of the government all of the time. However, they could be conned – particularly if there was collaboration amongst the government elites of the effected countries – and there was. Under the guise of a trading partnership, these government elites put in place an overlay to the existing national governments. In the name of trade, the European Union soon developed policies requiring national governments to make national laws and policies subservient to those of the European Union. And lo and behold, specific provisions in the European Union charter – all in the name of “trade” provided for this.

The exercise of power by the European Union was done mostly out of sight of the average voter – at least in Great Britain. It was only when the European union began to exercise authority over immigration policy and foreign workers policy that the average voter began to see the power their governments had given to others – others who were unaccountable to the electorate. One day they woke up to discover that a handful of elites in Brussels was telling them how many of the detritus of the Middle East tribal wars must be admitted to their country, how many workers from impoverished Eastern Europe must be admitted to compete with native born workers, what industries would be allowed in which country and what environmental standards would be imposed.

In the formation of the European Union it was vital to have the participation of Great Britain because Great Britain was wealthy, industry heavy and an historical trading expert. Without Great Britain the European Union would have been just another second tier power completely dominated by Germany.

But back to the beginning of this commentary. When the Brexit vote was finally held, Ms. May, then Home Secretary, opposed the separation from the European Union. And why wouldn’t she? She was a bona fide member of the governing elites. But when the votes were counted and then Prime Minister David Cameron (also a strong supporter of remaining in the European Union) honorably resigned, Ms. May, as the new prime minister, promised to negotiate the exit of Great Britain from the European Union. She lied. ( Ms. May would like to wrap herself in the cloak of the first woman prime minister of Great Britain but Ms. May is no Margaret Thatcher.) It would be the moral equivalent of handing the construction of the border wall with Mexico to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. How can you negotiate an exit when every fiber of your being strains for remaining?

Instead of handing the responsibilities of negotiating the exit to a member of her party who had supported Brexit (say Boris Johnson, MP – then Foreign Secretary) Ms. May proceeded to negotiate a pact that would for all intends and purposes allow Great Britain to claim independence while remaining tightly tied to the European Union for all trade, immigration and industrial policy and continue Great Britain’s obligation to fund the European Union’s notoriously inefficient bureaucracies. What a deal! It was like tossing your errant spouse out but promising to keep all of his near-do-well relatives, including the mother-in-law.

Three years have passed since the decisive vote and yet nothing has been done. You could give Theresa May and her fellow elites thirty years and nothing would get done. The elites don’t want to exit and to hell with the voters – those peons don’t know what’s best for them. But there is a saving grace in all of this. If nothing is done by October Great Britain will exit automatically – deal or no deal. And no deal is better than what Ms. May laughably calls an exit plan.

The elites have warned of dire economic disruption if Great Britain makes a hard exit. They always build a doomsday scenario. They lie. There will be some disruption while trading rules are reset but the truth of the matter is that Great Britain remains economically strong while the European Union remains stagnant. While both the European Union and Great Britain need each other as trading partners, Great Britain remains in the superior position because of its historical role in international trading and banking.

This same scenario is currently being played out in America. The elites have one view of President Donald Trump, of immigration reform, of welfare reform, of tax reform, of environmental policy and of societal mores. And in each instance they predict imminent doom if we don’t do as they say. But they lie. And just like in Great Britain and the European Union the elites are prepared to sacrifice the well being of the vast middle class in pursuit of their elitist goals. Great Britain isn’t the “sugar daddy” for failed European policies and the United States should not be the “sugar daddy” for the ambitions of America’s elites.