Independent party leaders endorse Pierce for SD 10

By Reagan Knopp — 

On the morning of the nominating convention to pick the next Republican State Senator for District 10, outside groups are still jockeying for their candidates.

Rob Harris and Sal Peralta — leaders of the Independent Party of Oregon — offered personal endorsements of Selma Pierce for Senate District 10.

Harris and Peralta also offered to lobby for Pierce to receive the Independent Party nod in Senate District 10 should she be the Republican Party nominee in the special election for 2020.

The Independent Party endorsement is often courted by Republican and Democrat candidates as it is considered by some to be a helpful endorsement that can win swing voters.

In the 2018 election for House District 20, Pierce beat out State Representative Paul Evans in the write-in campaign for Independent Party nominee but went on to lose the general election.

Evans is seen by many to be the likely Democrat candidate for the special election in the Senate that will take place in 2020.

If Pierce were to win the appointment and 2020 primary, it would likely lead to a rematch, albeit under very different circumstances.

The Republican voter advantage has shrunk in Senate District 10 since Winters first joined the chamber in 2003, but they are still considered slight favorites to retain the seat.

Regardless, Democrats are likely to mount a formidable contest to win the seat as the 2020 map contains few swing Senate seats held by either party.