List of Interesting Bills Before Legislature

Below is a list of interesting bills that are having hearings in the next 10 days:

Wednesday, March 14
SB 628
Prohibits discrimination against individual because of individual’s arrest record.

SB 460
Provides that unused gift cards become abandoned property.

SB 109
Permits Attorney General to set by rule fees due from charitable organizations.

HB 2893
Prohibits employer from requiring employee to attend meeting or participate in communication concerning employer’s opinion about religious or political matters.

HB 2892
Prohibits use of state funds to assist, promote or deter union organizing.

HB 2761
Allows county or city to adopt instant runoff voting system for nomination or election of candidates to county or city office.

HB 2372
Requires employers of 25 or more employees to provide unpaid rest periods to employees to express milk if providing rest periods does not cause undue hardship on operation of employer’s business.

Urges Congress to reimburse Oregon taxpayers for cost of incarcerating illegal immigrants.

HJM 20
Urges federal government to return criminal aliens incarcerated in Oregon to their birth countries to serve remainder of their sentences under certain circumstances.

Thursday, March 15th
SB 397
Requires certain school officials to notify Department of Transportation when person who is at least 15 years of age and under 18 years of age withdraws from school.

HJR 45
Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to increase maximum allowable taxes for each $1,000 of property’s real market value for school systems and general government operations.

SB 38
Establishes fee for recording of documents in deed and mortgage records of county.

Friday, March 16th
SB 863
Prohibits caller from using automatic dialing and announcing device to call subscriber unless subscriber has requested, authorized, permitted or consented to call.

HB 3282
Directs person who makes independent expenditures in amount exceeding $2,000 to prominently disclose in any communication names, addresses and amounts contributed by five largest contributors to person.

HB 2556
Prohibits members of Legislative Assembly, members-elect, statewide officials and statewide officials-elect from soliciting or receiving political contributions during period beginning on date of general election and ending on first day of next following regular session of Legislative Assembly.

Monday March 19
HB 3050
Requires General Fund revenue forecast made after adjournment of Legislative Assembly to include adjustment for prior differences between estimated and actual revenues.

Tuesday. March 20
SB 366
Authorizes school district to establish impact fee on creation of lot or parcel.

Wednesday March 21
HJR 43
Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to allow voter registration not later than day of election.

HB 2084
Allows Secretary of State by rule to set date for presidential primary election that is different from date of May primary election.