Does the Teachers Union Own the Legislature?

Below is a hard hitting flyer sent out by House Republican leader Wayne Scott starkly showing the Oregon Education Association’s contribution and influence of the 2007 Legislature.

The flyer addresses SB 426, which is being sold as a cost savings measure but experts now see at as raising costs.

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  • Jerry

    Of course they do. No one but the foolish of all the fools would think otherwise. That is why Oregon is not a right to work state. Plain and simple.
    The politicos are in bed with the union – plain and simple – and they should be ashamed, but they are not. That is why I have lost faith in all of them.

  • Hmmm…curious that Scott would leave out the forest products and agricultural industry contributions for the Republicans, eh?

    Wouldn’t want anyone thinking those GOPers were bought and paid for, eh?


  • John Fairplay

    Boy, I didn’t realize that the forest products and agricultural industries were members of the OEA. You learn something every single day. Maybe they’ll show up when the list of contributions from AFSCME or SEIU comes out.

  • believeitornot

    Chump change in comparison to the money poured into Oregon from out of state right leaning interest groups. Grover Norquist runs this site.

  • Caper

    Too bad, a quarter million could better be spent finding ways to make government run better instead of worse.

  • JRK

    Excellent point, I could not agree more, and peraonally cannot stand the OEA however…

    Does it surprise anyone anymore that Wayne Scott is willing to sell out members of his own caucus to make himself look better. Unbelievable.


    I think it’s obvious that the Public Unions………….not just teachers control the Liberals in this state and since this state is controlled by liberals it goes without saying who pulls who’s strings.

    Try to justify it by stating onther groups fund conservatives is burying your head in the sand. Fix the major problem, which is the public employees unions, then work on the rest.

  • eagle eye

    Gee, OEA can buy the legislature for $362,000? That is awfully cheap!

    Seems to me if the right is concerned about this, it should easily be possible to match and beat this.

  • Anonymous

    OT: Gordon Smith voted with the Democrats just a shoirt while ago on S.J.Res. 9 the joint resolution to revise United States policy on Iraq.

    So now Smith is officially on record for “cutting and running”. Thoughts?

  • John Fairplay

    He should now be able to pick up some quick OEA cash.

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