Rep. Dallum: Recylcing Incentives, Not Mandates!

Tax credits for recycling! It is a way to stimulate and enhance the recycling habits of Oregonians without costly mandates. HB 2375 offers tax credit incentives for employers, with at least 10 non-related employees, to set up programs for use by employees during the course of the year. Certification with the DEQ is required and the Environmental Quality Commission is to adopt rules regarding minimum criteria. The materials collected must be recyclable but ineligible for curbside recycling programs.

This bill came about because Rep Dallum wanted business incentives for recycling.

Investing in recycling programs will be beneficial in the long run, for employers and for the rest of the state. The cost of recycling in Eastern Oregon has long been prohibitive, due to transportation issues. An incentive will help offset some of these costs while it encourages recycling of a variety of materials.

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  • nme

    Here is an idea. Try some type of incentive for large/small communities toc ompete against themselves for whomever can bring up the highest recycling rates. The town with the highest recycling rate wins a grant and public recognition. That will unleash a lot fo innovation and community spirit.

  • Jerry

    Here’s an even better idea. If people recycle – pay them for it – cash is the ultimate incentive.
    Quit trying to govern everything anyone does. Just pay for the recycled materials and people will jump right in!
    The free enterprise system works every time it is tried.

  • nme

    Recycling must alos be made more simple.
    Changing rules help confuse the people we are trying to help.

  • Sassy

    Tax credits are a great idea for business incentives. Life isn’t just about money; or is it?


    About 5-7 years ago Metro said it had 33 million dollars left over from the sanitation bill. They were asked to give the money back to the rate payers but decided not to since it would only be $22 each on average. Hmmm, $22 is a 2 month sanitation bill for me and I would have liked it back. I guess rich politicians have the luxury of laughing about how $22 effects us litle people.

    Since then I quit recycling, couldn’t care less!

    By the way, those yellow recycle bins make great planters 🙂

  • Jerry

    Sassy – a tax credit is money.

    • Sassy

      Thank you, Jerry.

      Exactly my point. However, I believe that a tax credit is more of an incentive than a mandate, no?

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