Lars Larson defends police in diabetic taser case

Let’s talk about diabetics out of control and what the police are supposed to do about them.

The story is an easy one to understand. It’s about a young lady with diabetes and who sometimes gets out of control. The fact is she has called 911 six different times in the last two years. This sounds like she needs to get control of her diabetes.

In any case, the paramedics show up and one of them gets punched in the process. The cops are called and the police say that she is out of control. They manage to wrestle her to the ground, and then use a taser on her.

Now it sounds like her dad and she would like to sue. That will probably happen down the line. In the meantime, I ask these questions. Can she even remember being tazed? No. Did she suffer any permanent injury? No. Did the tazing did get this diabetic lady under control? Absolutely! Did the police and paramedics working together help save her life? Absolutely! Will they probably be sued and will be supported by a town that always think the police are wrong? You know the answer to that one.

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  • Jerry

    Once again Lars is correct. These morons who summon help but then refuse it are nuts. Would she be better off if no one came? Maybe she can be put on a non-response list. If she wants to sue she should also stand alone with her problems.
    Enough of these losers leaning on others for help and then coming back to sue them when that help is offered.

  • devietro

    Its a valid argument to say that with better training for specific situations the emergency personell could have avoided the use of the Taser device however we see time and time again special situations that only very specific training would have improved. Frankly for the amount of time this training would take emergency responders would never actually be RESPONDING. Also we barely pay our emegency personell enough as it is in many cases requiring more training would raise their salary cost, and we all know Oregonians wont stand for that anymore. So I say they did the best they could with the resources availible. Thats all that should have been asked.

  • Caper

    Sueing cops for saving people’s lives? What will they sue next?

  • Dina Hayes

    I hope all of you experience the pain and confusion of a insulin reaction beyond your control. Sometimes your bloodsugar level drops to dangerously low levels without any plausable explanation. I know this from experience. I have been a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 15 – I am now 35. And although amazing advances have been made in the treatment of insulin dependent diabetes – it is still a very challenging condition to manage day in and day out. I find all of your responses shamefull – and moreover ignorant. Before you make any judgemental comments – make sure you know what you’re talking about.

  • Brandi Hess

    This is from someone that actually KNOWS what really happened. Your information is inaccurate and your conclusions are ridiculous. First, I want to say that my only interest in talking about the situation was to ask for training for Police officers. With the exception of this email, the only time that I have commented on the incident was the morning after, when news crews came to my house because of a call from a family member. At that time and now, I will state AGAIN that I have never intended to sue anyone (and have not spoken to any legal council regarding this situation). I just want changes in a policy that is obviously not in the best interest of people in my situation, or situations that can cause confusion or irritability. And, as far as the impacts to me and my life, I find it interesting that you seem to think that you have the absolute answer to all questions. You do not know me and clearly from the numerous errors in your story, you do not know what really happened. It was clear that the officer did not know how to react based on the fact that he continued to yell for me to “put your hands behind your back or I will do it again”. Do you also realize that at least half a dozen times a day this type of thing happens across Portland and trained EMT’s seem to never need to use tasers to give IV’s to patients? Should we arm our hospital staff, firefighters, EMT’s, and doctor’s offices with tasers? I guess we don’t need to, because they seem to be able to handle these situations without the use of such force – makes you wonder doesn’t it.

    Regardless of your insensitivity and lack of interest in the community, I will pray that you never develop a disease such as this and never have to deal with a situation like this either.

    PS – I notice that you did not discuss the fact that the Portland Police are attempting to charge me with assaulting a police officer. I suppose that you also feel like the newest story regarding “Mr. Universe being maced and arrested due a diabetic reaction” is also because of HIS not being able to control his diabetes? He is being charged with resisting arrest and misdemeanor assault.

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