Lars Larson defends police in diabetic taser case

Let’s talk about diabetics out of control and what the police are supposed to do about them.

The story is an easy one to understand. It’s about a young lady with diabetes and who sometimes gets out of control. The fact is she has called 911 six different times in the last two years. This sounds like she needs to get control of her diabetes.

In any case, the paramedics show up and one of them gets punched in the process. The cops are called and the police say that she is out of control. They manage to wrestle her to the ground, and then use a taser on her.

Now it sounds like her dad and she would like to sue. That will probably happen down the line. In the meantime, I ask these questions. Can she even remember being tazed? No. Did she suffer any permanent injury? No. Did the tazing did get this diabetic lady under control? Absolutely! Did the police and paramedics working together help save her life? Absolutely! Will they probably be sued and will be supported by a town that always think the police are wrong? You know the answer to that one.