Exec-Club 12/4: Columbia Bridge lies, TimberUnity, more…

Keynote speakers:
#1:Joe Cortright, Economists on Columbia Bridge controversy
#2:  Adam Lardy & Angelita Sanchez, Timber Unity, on Carbon Tax, 2020 Legislature

Wed. Dec. 4th, 7:00pm
Oregon Executive Club
Shilo Inn Portland Airport,
Event is free, there is a $20 dinner option,

Joe Cortright is Director of City Observatory, a think tank producing original research on what makes cities successful in the 21st Century, principal of Impresa, a Portland based firm consulting on urban and regional economic issues, serves as Chair of the Oregon Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers, and is a research affiliate of the Upjohn Institute in Michigan. You might suspect he has some lucid points to make about the function of transportation in economic health.

Adam Lardy is an Oregon native log truck owner, with long family business history in Oregon logging. He started his busines in 2006. Angelita Sanchez is a 6th generation rural Oregonian from Sweet Home, whose family was a big part of creating Oregon’s rye grass industry. She started her log truck business in 2016. They are founding members of Timber Unity, who together are determined to make Salem remember what resource-based business is to the economy of Oregon.