Lessons from the Early Primaries

With the first two primaries for the Democrat presidential nomination we have learned several things.  They are important and over time their importance will become more acute.
First, we now know that, according to Democrats, Iowa and New Hampshire are “too white” to account for anything in their nominating process.  This follows a growing line of insults to Middle Americans beginning with former President Barack Obama’s description of them as “clinging to their guns and religion.”  He doubled down on that by claiming that successful men and women “didn’t build that” – a comment that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) repeats routinely during her primary bid.  It continued with Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton referring to them as a “basket of deplorables.”  And it is continuing as former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg chastises farmers, ranchers and industrial workers by claiming that anybody can do their jobs.

The point is that if you do not support the Democrat elitism then you yourself are too white, too dumb, to average to be anything of importance in America.  When Democrats turn their backs on working men and women other groups have to wonder how long before the Democrats likewise abandon them.
Second, we learned that the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire can spot a phony a mile away – in this case Ms. Warren.  In at least three previous columns I have detailed the lies of Ms. Warren as to her heritage, her background and her lack of care for working men and women.  I branded her a phony.  New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu was quoted in a recent interview with Fox News:
Sununu also remarked that he believes Trump will get ‘more votes than any of the Democrats get’ in Tuesday’s primary, and took jabs at Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., saying both Democrats and Republicans ‘aren’t dumb’ and won’t vote for a candidate who isn’t honest with them.
“’We want to look you in the eye [and] see who you are as a person. Warren’s a phony,’ he said. ‘At the end of the day, even Democrats look and say, ‘We may not agree with everything Bernie wants because he’s so extreme, but at least he’s honest about it. At least he’s telling us the truth.’ And what you get in private is what you get in public. Warren comes off as placating, as pandering.’”
And, as if to put an emphasis on that point, Ms. Warren – an early advocate for the New Greed Deal – was caught deplaning from a private jet in Iowa and then trying to hide behind one of her aides when she realized there were reporters in the crowd.  What a hypocrite, but it is to be expected among the Democrat elites that their demands of others do not include similar demands on themselves. 
And finally, Ms. Warren shrugged off a voter’s concern that her family had made sacrifices to pay for their children’s education and wondered whether she would support the government reimbursing them also as it eliminated student debt under her plan.  She said no.  Ms. Warren is basically Hillary Clinton without the extra weight.  She cannot connect with her audience.  She lectures like a Harvard professor.  She has been immunized by the academic and congressional cocoons from the trials and tribulations of everyday Americans.  There is no real empathy; rather there are simply scripted actions – like bounding on to the stage, or pausing for a beer in a video blog.  Phony is as phony does and Ms. Warren is an easily identified phony.
And finally, the curtain is being pulled aside on both the Democrat Party and Mr. Bloomberg.  For years the Democrat Party has criticized Republicans as “the party of the rich” and accused it of buying elections.  The mere idea of wealth has become an anathema to Democrat candidates.  It has always been just posturing as they filled their campaign coffers with millions from Wall Street bankers and traders but they have kept up the charade with the assistance of their partners in the mainstream media.  But so terrified are they that Sen. Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) will win the Democrat presidential nomination that they openly encourage the excesses of Mr. Bloomberg who has vowed to spend whatever it takes to secure the nomination.  Can you buy a party nomination?  You can if it is the Democrat Party nomination and Mr. Bloomberg and the Democrat establishment are hell bent on proving it.
But it isn’t just the fact that the Democrats will have to wear the hypocrisy of selling their nomination to Mr. Bloomberg and his billions.  (Actually they are demonstrating that hypocrisy is their stock in trade.)  They are also going to have to wear the hypocrisy of nominating a person with a background of sexist treatment of women and stereotyping people of color.  But the real kicker is that Mr. Bloomberg has suggested that Hillary Clinton may be his pick for vice-president and she has a long career of defending sexual abuse in the form of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.
I swear to God that Hollywood could not write screenplays with such plots and twists.  It is just jaw dropping.  With the Democrats abandoning working men and women and President Trump making inroads with the Hispanics and African Americans through job creation and higher incomes there is a real chance that by the end of November the Democrat Party will be torn asunder and the Republican Party will be remade as the party of working men and women, with the elites in both parties being consigned to the sidelines for at least a generation.