ORP files complaint on two lawmakers

From press release by Oregon Republican Party 3-20-07:

ORP Chairman Files Political Contribution Complaints on Chris Edwards and David Edwards

(Salem) – Vance Day, Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, today filed complaints with the Secretary of State and the Chief Clerk of the House regarding illegal political contributions received by Representative Chris Edwards (D-Eugene) and Representative David Edwards (D-Hillsboro).

Over the past few weeks Our Oregon has been actively calling and sending post cards in support of the two Edwards. Our Oregon’s efforts amount to a political contribution to both Chris and David Edwards – contributions which are illegal during legislative session.

House Rule 19.20(a) Campaign Contributions During Session. No member of the House, during session, shall accept and/or solicit a contribution to the member or the member’s principal campaign committee or accept and/or solicit an expenditure in support of the member from any person.

“Since House Rules are superseded by Oregon Statutes a violation is a serious offence,” said Day. “Speaker Merkley pledged to make cleaning up Oregon politics a priority at the beginning of session – I hope he wasn’t just paying lip service to the people of Oregon.”